Enchanteur; a Unique French-Inspired Fragrance Care for Romantic Modern Women

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Enchanteur is a range of quality and timeless French-inspired fine fragrances & fragranced toiletries made especially for the young, romantic modern woman. There are a wide range of choice of Enchanteur products for you to try, and may I say, the first thinh I notice about Enchanteur products is that they have the most wonderfully crafted frangrance, each more entoxicating than the last.


Fun fact about Enchanteur is that this brand is internationally known throughout countries like Malaysia, Vietnam, Singapore, Hongkong & also the Middle East countries.

As you can see from the first pic, there are a lot of products;
1. Shower Gel
2. Body Lotion
3. Eu de Toilette
4. Eu de Cologne
5. Roll On Deodorant
6. Body Mist
7. Perfumed Talc

I’ll be reviewing all of them briefly but I’m gonna highlight 1 particular set, which is the Shower Gel because out of all of the items, they are my favorite 😀

So without further a do, let’s start with the first & my favorite one 😀

Shower Gel

Enchanteur Perfumed Shower Gel; Florar Moisture comes with 3 choices of fragrance, “Alluring”, “Romantic” & “Charming”. It has 2 types of package, in the bottle & the refill.

Enchanteur Perfumed Shower Gel has a specialty of highly moisturizing your skin & with Rose Essence & Natural Olive, it leaves your skin feeling as smooth as silk 🙂

It is funny because I actually don’t have 1 favorite fragrance, they are ALL my FAVORITE

I know what you’re gonna think, how come all is my favorite, right? I have a reason to say so, it’s because each of these fragrance has a special time for me to use. So before I use them at the shower, I sample the smell & decided to go for the “Romantic” as I was actually feeling like being romantic because at that time I was about to go on a dinner date with my boyfriend Daniel 😀 I feel like the fragrance just match my mood and timing that night & I’m not lying, Daniel actually asked if I was wearing a new perfume because he notice it’s not like the usual, in a good way, he likes this better than before I uses the shower gel. To his surprise I said that I was not using any perfume, just a very wonderfully fragranced shower gel 😀 That date went swell ❤

It was in the next 2 days that I tried the “Charming” one & I was feeling kinda playful and cute that day, I was planning to hangout at the mall and just went shopping & have a good time with boyfie once more.

When I ask Daniel how do I smell that day, he said I smell fresh & nice, represents my cheerful character, I was happy to hear that, but that’s not the highlight of “Charming”. It was when I realize even my mood shifts from just so-so to hype & happy and extra cheerful that day. I feel refreshed and energize and I honestly do feel that the fragrance from Enchanteur Perfumed Shower Gel in “Charming” is one of the reason that boost my mood that day 😀

The final one that I tried was “Alluring” and it was mesmerizing. That day I went to a meeting and actually forgot to use my deodorant because I was super late. I thought I was screwed and would just smell totally bad when I meet my client, but No. When I checked my odor, I realize the fragrance from “Alluring” lingers even hours after my shower and it boost my confidence to do my meeting and thank goodness it went super well 😉


Body Lotion

Enchanteur; Perfumed Body Lotion Moisture Silk has 3 variaty of aroma, Alluring (Rose dan Iris), Charming (Rose, Muguet, Soft Cedarwood), & Romantic (Bulgarian Roses dan White Jasmine). All 3 are enriched with aloe vera & olive butter that helps to moisturize the skin without making it feel oily of slippery 🙂


Eu de Toilette

Enchanteur; Eu de Toilette are collections of  fragrance in a very convenient and elegent presentation. It has 3 aromas:
– Romantic, a romantic scent with a touch of  femininity & fragrance from Bulgarian rose, White jasmine mandarin, Violet & Vanilla.
– Charming, a sensual fragrance with a touch of exotic with a wonderful Rose & Muguet fragrance with Citrus, Aldehyde & a touch of Musk & Cedarwood.
– Alluring, a fragrance that allures with you, surprise you, with a mix of Bergamot & Passion Fruit also with Rose & Iris.


Eu de Cologne

A variety of fragrance with an aroma of exclusivity  that last for a long while 🙂
– Glamour (floral oriental)
– Miracle (floral fruity)
– Treasure (floral aromatic)
– Sensational (Floral musky)
– Charming (Floral powdery)
– Romantic (Floral aromatic)


Roll On Deodorant 

The perfect product that is perfect for your everyday under-arm needs with a floral scent, a formula that that dries quickly & isn’t gonna leave a sticky feeling, giving you a confidence & freshness that you need throughout the day. It comes in 3 different aromas.
– Romantic
– Charming
– Alluring


Body Mist

This one has a special mixture of  aromas in mist form. It has 3 variaty of fragrance; Alluring, Charming, dan Romantic just like the other collection 🙂


Perfumed Talc

A talcum powder with a exclusive feel when applied. Has 3 aromas like the other Enchanteur products;
– Alluring, a scent of rose & iris that allures you, with a mix of Vanilla
– Charming, with a scent of rose, muguet & soft cedarwood that’s sensual & exotic
– Romantic, a soft scent of Bulgarian rose & white jasmine

All Enchanteur products that I have tried have been some of the best fragrance product lines that I have ever tried. The thing that I like it that the fragrance is not super strong until it makes you dizzy but at the same time it’s enough to stay all day and gives you that freshness & confidence.

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Votre Peau Skin Care Review; I’m Loving It!

Ladies and gentlemen,
May I present to you a skin care line that I’ve just recently discovered and could not wait to share with you all…


Votre Peau Skin Care is an Indonesian skin care line based in Jakarta that has been producing high quality product since a year ago in 2015. I’ve research this on their website.
They’re quickly expanding and they’re clients are vastly growing. Interested to know more about their products?
Here are some of them and my reviews towards them, happy reading! ❤

Votre Peau 1

Here are some of it’s products, image courtesy of http://votrepeauskincare.com/.
From these products, I got the chance to try 3 products;
1. Votre Peau Sake Brightening Spray
2. Votre Peau Vitamin C Serum, and
3. Votre Peau Dermasonic

Votre Peau 2

I was super excited in trying these out, so here are the breakdowns of each products;

Votre Peau 3

The Sake Essence Brightening Spray not only has it’s brightening qualities, but as I sprayed it on to my face, it definitely refreshes and also hydrates and moisturize. I can feel a healthy glow after using this product in the morning and before I go to bed for 1 straight week.

It’s super easy to apply, and the bottle is quite small, so it can be very easy if you wanna bring it on your bag. I have to say it for this brand, their packaging and design, I Love. Look at the design of this box, and the label on the bottle as well, a very nice touch of artistic and simplicity applied, and aside from that, most importantly, it has the product, ingredients and usage information that you need to know on the back of the box.

Votre Peau 4

Votre Peau’s Vitamin C-Serum on the other hand, is in gel form, not water like the sake spray. I apply the serum with my finger tips or with the Dermasonic that I also got from Votre Peau. This serum combined with the soft circular brushing motion of the Dermasonic polishes my skin so softly that I can feel my skin turns squeaky clean and shiny after using this for 4-5 days straight at morning and night time. The serum is used after applying the Sake Spray. Of course you can apply it with fingertips, but I suggest you to get the Dermasonic, it’ll make your face as smooth like a baby’s butt ❤ 😀

Votre Peau 5 Votre Peau 6 Votre Peau 7

And last but not least, the Dermasonic itself. It is powered by 2 AA sized batteries and is waterproof, giving you the freedom and flexibility to use it on dry or wet conditions. It has 3 different brushes and each brushes has it’s own specialty. The Sponge-like brush is made for applying creams or gel type skin care products while the 2 brushes (blue one is for sensitive skin and white one is for normal skin) is made for foaming and brushing your facial foam on to your face, also if used properly will result in a very nice soft and smooth looking skin ❤

Votre Peau Skin Care can be reach either via website or Instagram, this is one of their products that I haven’t tried but I am very interested in doing so 😀

After 1 week of using the Dermasonic to apply my skincare and facial foam, I must say that my face has been more soft and smooth, and the Sake Spray & Vitamin C-Serum has moisturized my skin and brightens my face, especially my under eye areas, as you might’ve known I’m quite the owl, lol 😀


Overall I really do recommend the product very much, I’ll give it a 4,5 out of 5 ❤
If you do try Votre Peau Products, do comment bellow and let me know what you think of the product, what other product from them that you wanna recommend me etc 😀
Alrighty then folks, thanks so much for giving the time to read this post, as always, I’ll see you all on the next post! Ciao ❤

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