An Exciting Day at NIVEA Double Effect Eye Make-Up Remover Event <3

Hello everyone!

It’s been such a long time since I uploaded a blog post, and this is gonna be an exciting one because I’m gonna tell you my experience when I attended Nivea Event & competition in Pondok Indah Mall, and spoiler alert, MY TEAM WON ❤ 😀
So I arrived at Watson at Pondok Indah Mall 2 and started seeing my friends and the Nivea team starting the event.
I was pretty excited about their newest Nivea Eye Makeup Remover because it is said to be able to clean your eye makeup in such an easy swoop, we’ll see how good it’s cleansing power would be soon 😀 😉
A representative from Nivea & Watson greeted us with excitement of the upcoming task that we are set to do.
It turned out, of all the attendees, 5 person was selected as a team leader and yes I am one of it, hehe.
Let me Introduce you to my Squad!
There’s Jihan, Jean Milka, Arum, Ririe and myself and we are called the “Super Dark Me” squad.
So the name of the teams are also the themes of the makeup that the contestants needed to do.
1. Simply Beautiful
2. Gorgeous Glam
3. Super Dark Me
4. Confetti Party
5. Dewy
Even though my team is named the Super Dark Me, each of my team mates needed to pick one makeup theme from the 5 category above.
How the group winner is determined is being seeing how many members from the group wins on their specific theme, so it’s 1 winner per theme.
We were given 15 minutes and 500k worth of Watson voucher to spend on beauty products to use for the 5 of us.
Eyeshadow color and lipstick are not difficult to find but base makeup is a little bit of a challenge because we needed to find shades that suit all of me and my team, with the limited voucher, but somehow we managed beautifully 😀
We then had to move to another place to start our makeup challenge. The Nivea team chose Amypond Cafe Pondok Indah Mall 3 for us and there we settled our gear and get ready to do the challenge.
Ofcourse we took a selfie before everything starts. There will always be a time for selfie in my team 😀 ❤
Here is my face before I clean my makeup with the Nivea Eye Makeup Remover.
And here is my face after. I didn’t wipe off my brows because most of the contestants also did the same thing.
But damn let me tell you this, the Nivea Eye Makeup Remover cleaned my eye makeup so easily and smoothly that I only needed about 40-60seconds to wipe everything off. It feels nice on my skin too, refreshing and light ❤
So here is the products that we had chosen earlier in Watson and these are the theme wach of my team mates chose for ourselves;
1. Janine Intansari : Confetti Party
2. Jihan : Super Dark Me
3. Ririe : Gorgeous Glam
4. Arum : Dewy
5. Jean Milka : Simply Beautiful
We were then called per makeup theme. Each member greet all of the other contestants by saying their names, makeup themes and from which group they are from.
After all 5 makeup themes were judged, it was then finally the tome to announce which team is the winner.
Altho we never know which of the members won the specific theme, but our group WON! So I guess more than 1 of us hits the theme correctly.
And omg do you know the prize?
IDR 5mio worth of Watson Voucher!!!
Omg shopping here I go!
Here is me and my team when we went to the front to receive our prizes and take #goalsquad photos ❤ 😀 😉
Overall the event was a blast, and I’m so glad my team won, I am a proud leader indeed, my teammates are even more skilled than me thank goodness for that hahaha.
Here is the finished look of my Confetti Party themed makeup.
So that’s it for the event.
Hope you guys find this post entertaining.
And I would personally like to recommend you to try Nivea’s newest Eye Makeup Remover.
In my honest opinion it is a very good makeup remover, quick and easy, doesn’t really give you that much of an oily feel after using. I even used it to clean my whole face and i only needed to use 2 cottons with the product.
My honest review score for Nivea Eye Makeup Remover is : 4,3 out of 5 ❤
Thank you so much Jellies for visiting my blog. Btw check out my youtube channel and subscribe to my channel if you haven’t and as always; see you in my next post!