An Exciting Day at NIVEA Double Effect Eye Make-Up Remover Event <3

Hello everyone!

It’s been such a long time since I uploaded a blog post, and this is gonna be an exciting one because I’m gonna tell you my experience when I attended Nivea Event & competition in Pondok Indah Mall, and spoiler alert, MY TEAM WON ‚̧ ūüėÄ
So I arrived at Watson at Pondok Indah Mall 2 and started seeing my friends and the Nivea team starting the event.
I was pretty excited about their newest Nivea Eye Makeup Remover because it is said to be able to clean your eye makeup in such an easy swoop, we’ll see how good it’s cleansing power would be soon ūüėÄ ūüėČ
A representative from Nivea & Watson greeted us with excitement of the upcoming task that we are set to do.
It turned out, of all the attendees, 5 person was selected as a team leader and yes I am one of it, hehe.
Let me Introduce you to my Squad!
There’s Jihan, Jean Milka, Arum, Ririe and myself and we are called the “Super Dark Me” squad.
So the name of the teams are also the themes of the makeup that the contestants needed to do.
1. Simply Beautiful
2. Gorgeous Glam
3. Super Dark Me
4. Confetti Party
5. Dewy
Even though my team is named the Super Dark Me, each of my team mates needed to pick one makeup theme from the 5 category above.
How the group winner is determined is being seeing how many members from the group wins on their specific theme, so it’s 1 winner per theme.
We were given 15 minutes and 500k worth of Watson voucher to spend on beauty products to use for the 5 of us.
Eyeshadow color and lipstick are not difficult to find but base makeup is a little bit of a challenge because we needed to find shades that suit all of me and my team, with the limited voucher, but somehow we managed beautifully ūüėÄ
We then had to move to another place to start our makeup challenge. The Nivea team chose Amypond Cafe Pondok Indah Mall 3 for us and there we settled our gear and get ready to do the challenge.
Ofcourse we took a selfie before everything starts. There will always be a time for selfie in my team ūüėÄ ‚̧
Here is my face before I clean my makeup with the Nivea Eye Makeup Remover.
And here is my face after. I didn’t wipe off my brows because most of the contestants also did the same thing.
But damn let me tell you this, the Nivea Eye Makeup Remover cleaned my eye makeup so easily and smoothly that I only needed about 40-60seconds to wipe everything off. It feels nice on my skin too, refreshing and light ‚̧
So here is the products that we had chosen earlier in Watson and these are the theme wach of my team mates chose for ourselves;
1. Janine Intansari : Confetti Party
2. Jihan : Super Dark Me
3. Ririe : Gorgeous Glam
4. Arum : Dewy
5. Jean Milka : Simply Beautiful
We were then called per makeup theme. Each member greet all of the other contestants by saying their names, makeup themes and from which group they are from.
After all 5 makeup themes were judged, it was then finally the tome to announce which team is the winner.
Altho we never know which of the members won the specific theme, but our group WON! So I guess more than 1 of us hits the theme correctly.
And omg do you know the prize?
IDR 5mio worth of Watson Voucher!!!
Omg shopping here I go!
Here is me and my team when we went to the front to receive our prizes and take #goalsquad photos ‚̧ ūüėÄ ūüėČ
Overall the event was a blast, and I’m so glad my team won, I am a proud leader indeed, my teammates are even more skilled than me thank goodness for that hahaha.
Here is the finished look of my Confetti Party themed makeup.
So that’s it for the event.
Hope you guys find this post entertaining.
And I would personally like to recommend you to try Nivea’s newest Eye Makeup Remover.
In my honest opinion it is a very good makeup remover, quick and easy, doesn’t really give you that much of an oily feel after using. I even used it to clean my whole face and i only needed to use 2 cottons with the product.
My honest review score for Nivea Eye Makeup Remover is : 4,3 out of 5 ‚̧
Thank you so much Jellies for visiting my blog. Btw check out my youtube channel¬†¬†and subscribe to my channel if you haven’t and as always; see you in my next post!

Centro Beauty Bash Event 2016!

HELLOOOO my lovely readers!
Welcome back to my blog, ahh gosh how I love being productive on my blog. You know that feeling of wanting to do what you wanna do but you have so much other things to do until you can’t really do anything and just slump in a couch somewhere on the corner of your room? LOL, finally I can get the time to write, write and write tho ‚̧
Loving this ‚̧

In this post I will be talking to you about Centro! Yes, expect some blog post ahead to be about Centro again and again because I seriously do have lot’s of exciting stuff for you to know ‚̧


As you might have known already from my previous post regarding Centro Department Store,¬†this year I am the selected blogger to be represented on Centro’s 2016 beauty pamphlet! Hahaha, *I pat myself on the back* and drank an imaginary beer (cause I don’t really drink lol). Aside from me going to be on their official pamphlet, I will also get the task on letting you know the newest updates about Centro’s events this year and one of the most exciting one is:

Centro Beauty Bash Event 2016!


So here I say Hello all CentroHolics! Centro department store is back with a bang as this years event will not only be so exciting, but it happens at 3 major different places around Indonesia!

Centro Beauty Bash is an annual event that is held in 3 major cities, 2 times in 1 year in Centro Discover Shopping Mall Bali, Centro Plaza Ambarrukmo and once a year in Mall Paragon Solo. There’ll be a lot of product discounts and fun activities in the centro Beauty Bash event. This event is very anticipated by the citizens in Bali, Jogja and Solo. For you modernly active ladies and gents out there who always wants to look good inside¬†and out,¬†Centro Beauty Bash will be held in Centro Plaza Ambarrukmo Jogja, Mall Paragon on May 28th¬†2016 from¬†4pm ‚Äď 8pm Indonesia Western Standard Time¬†and¬†Centro Discovery Shopping Mall Bali on May 29th 2016, at 4pm¬†‚Äď 8pm Indonesia Central Standard Time.


In this year’s Centro Beauty Bash, Centro will be giving a¬†special¬†treatment for all of you ladies out there. These special treatments would be; Interesting¬†Beauty Tips with special guests from well known beauty-related brands, FREE Nail Art, FREE¬†Photo-booth, Makeover, Beauty Hampers, Top Spender Award, and also fun games like shopping Rally and makeup¬†as prize¬†challenge¬†that’s worth millions of rupiah!¬†Don’t worry about getting tired there ’cause Centro will also be giving you all refreshments. Centro is also giving alot of prizes and exclusive offers for CentroHolics and owner of Parkson Centro Cards.

Picture5 Picture1


Aside from that,¬†Centro is also having lots of discounts on cosmetic products¬†and¬†perfume, with the discount up to¬†70% and¬†Buy 1 Get 1 Free. Some top brands that will participate on this event will be as follows; Elizabeth Arden, Kanebo, NYX, Lancome, L‚Äôoreal, Aigner, Ultima, Revlon,¬† PAC, Kenzo, Hugo Boss, C&F Perfumary, Maybelline¬†and lots more! ‚̧


Get the chance to be invited to the¬†Centro Beauty Bash event for free with a minimum purchase of IDR 300.000 and follow the updated info on Twitter @centroholic¬†and CentroHolic¬†Facebook Fanpage and¬†Instagram @centrodeptstore,¬†terms and conditions applied. ūüėÄ

Picture4 Picture3









So what are you waiting for! Come and enjoy this wondeful event on the weekend and there’s no reason to miss the chance on shopping at¬†Centro Department Store!¬†Be a smart shopper and shop more with Centro Department Store! ūüėÄ ‚̧

See you in my next post! ‚̧

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Marina UV White Hydro Cool Gel Lotion; Event & Review

Hello my beauty-loving readers! Welcome back to my blog. I am required to use Bahasa Indonesia in this post although I can still slip in a bit of English, but yeah here goes ūüėÄ
Aku harap kalian semua sedang menikmati hari yang indah ^_^ (what, that sounds so weird, lol)

In this post, aku mau menceritakan ke kalian tentang my experience at the Marina UV White Hydro Cool Gel Lotion Launching Event, and also memberikan ke kalian my personal review of the product.
Now let’s just get right, into it shall we ūüėÄ

Pada tanggal 19 October 2015, tepatnya di hari Senin, Aku diundang untuk datang ke acara launching¬†Marina UV White Hydro Cool Gel Lotion.¬†I was so excited, so excited nya sampe2 aku beli dress putih baru di H&M because di hari itu dresscode nya either putih, turquoise or a mix of both so yeah. This was how I look that day ūüėÄ


The Event
Acara tersebut berlokasikan di DeCanter Wine & Food di Plaza Kuningan. That was my first time going there. It was a nice place, the ambient was pretty. Ini adalah beberapa foto yang aku ambil di lokasi event.

I love the venue and the decoration ‚̧ Sesampainya disana karena aku emang belom makan seharian, I ate a bunch of watermelon slices and brownies, lol ‚̧

Acara yang diadakan seru2 bgt. Dimulai ofcourse dari sang MC membuka acaranya dan kita ada sesi perkenalan diri 1 per 1. Memang benar katanya; “Jikalau tak kenal maka tak sayang.” Lebih deket rasanya sama blogger2 lain disaat selesai perkenalan diri, which is great ‚̧

Pada hari itu kita juga berkenalan dengan 3 guest event yaitu aktris Shireen Sungkar, juara panah international Dellie Threesyadinda dan group product manager Marina Elfie Rahmi. We had a lot of fun listening to their stories about experience mereka memakai Marina UV White Hydro Cool Gel Lotion.

Disini aktris Shireen Sungkar menceritakan bahwa memakai Marina UV White Hydro Cool Gel Lotion ini dia merasa cocok bgt karena walaupun dia ber hijab dan memakai pakaian berlengan panjang dan tertutup, gak Cuma itu Marina UV White Hydro Cool Gel Lotion juga sudah bersertifikat halal, jadi gak perlu lagi worry. Lotion yang sudah diaplikasikan tidak membuat lengket, lembab, mudah berkeringat etc, malahan sebaliknya yaitu membuat lebih segar dan apalagi wanginya yang enak banget. Apalagi untuk wanita yang sering beraktivitas di luar rumah.

Selanjutnya, juara panah international Dellie Threesyadinda mengungkapkan bahwa menggunakan Marina UV White Hydro Cool Gel Lotion membantunya dalam meraih prestasinya yang maksimal tanpa takut yang namanya kulit kering, kusam dan tidak terlindungi dari sinar matahari karena semua sudah diprotect oleh pemakaian Marina UV White Hydro Cool Gel Lotion. Berprestasi besar dan beraktivitas tinggi dengan kulit yang tetap sehat tidaklah lagi sulit.

Menurut aku pribadi, Shireen Sungkar dan Dellie Threesyadinda sangat cocok menjadi brand ambassador dari Marina UV White Hydro Cool Gel Lotion karena mereka adalah sosok pribadi yang berprestasi di usia muda, mempunyai tingkat beraktifitas yang tinggi sehingga dapat membuktikan keampuhan dari produk itu sendiri. Kedua tokoh adalah orang Рorang yang dapat menginspirasi generasi Рgenerasi muda baru apalagi kita generasi muda wanita Indonesia.

Setelah membicarakan sedikit seputar produk¬†Marina UV White Hydro Cool Gel Lotion,¬†sempat ada sesi tanya jawab, lalu games. Disaat ditantang maju kedepan untuk mencoba sebuah game, aku setuju dan aku coba permainan simpel yaitu nyebut kata2 ini sebanyak 10 kali tanpa salah, “Kelapa diparut, kepala digaruk.” Surprisingly, I did it! LOL. Even I was surprised. I was never that good in tongue-twisting-word-playing games~ XD


The Product –¬†Marina UV White Hydro Cool Gel Lotion

Marina UV White Hydro Cool Gel Lotion ini mempunyai banyak keunggulan. Selain dia diperkaya UV protection, sea weed dan Vitamin B3 yang menutrisi dan mencerahkan kulit, wangi Lime nya sangat menyegarkan dan cepat meresap ke kulit sehingga tidak meninggalkan jejak lengket atau lembab.

Setelah aku mencoba memakai produknya pertama kali disaat event berlangsung, the first thing that I noticed is it’s in the form of¬†Gel. I was kinda surprised karena biasanya lotion itu selalu dalam bentuk cream. Dari situ aku langsung notice smell nya. A very fruity and energetic smell, bikin yang nyium merasa seger bgt dan happy lagi apalagi kalo mood lagi down. Dan karena berbentuk gel, udah pasti daya serapnya jauh lebih cepat daripada cream yang mungkin akan lama menyerap dan bisa mengakibatkan kelengketan pada kulit atau kelembaban disaat berkeringat. Gel nya sesaat di usap ke kulit tangan ku, langsung menyerap dan wanginya tetap tahan. Mungkin aku bisa berpendapat minusnya kalau wanginya terlalu strong kalau kita mau tutupi pakai perfume lain, tapi wanginya itu sendiri sudah segar jadi gak pake parfum juga gapapa ^_^

Menurutku, produk ini sangat cocok dipakai oleh wanita – wanita muda masa kini yang tingkat aktivitasnya tinggi karena;
1. Terdapat UV protection yang honestly sangat dibutuhkan oleh orang yang tinggal di negara beriklim tropis, selalu terkena sinar matahari terik sepanjang tahun.
2. Lotion nya berbentuk Gel dan cepat meresap, sehingga tidak meninggalkan jejak lembab atau lengket melainkan menyegarkan sehingga beraktivitas di teriknya panas pun tetap terasa segar dan adem ^_^
3. Wangi Lime nya yang in my opinion is a very energetic smell, sekalinya nyium langsung semangat lagi. Gak usah kawatir sama yang namanya body odor.
And for everyone out there that is trying to reach their goal, apapun goal kalian, dalam karir maupun hobby and passion, tidak usah lagi kawatir soal kesehatan kulit karena semua udah ditangani sama Marina UV White Hydro Cool Gel Lotion. So we can just focus on what we want to do.
Menurutku berprestasi adalah seseorang yang bisa mencapai goals dan passion nya dengan melewati segala rintangan dan tantangan but still came on top of it all dan disaat berhasil, ia tetap menjadi seorang yang down to earth and humble, and can inspire other people to reach for their dreams as well. That for me, is what true achievement is.

Here are more photos of the fun event ‚̧

Overal, it’s such a fun and memorable experience dengan¬†Marina¬†‚̧
This is my personal score of the product:
-Quality: ‚̧ ‚̧ ‚̧ ‚̧ ‚̧
-Protection: ‚̧ ‚̧ ‚̧ ‚̧ ‚̧
-Scent: ‚̧ ‚̧ ‚̧ ‚̧ –
And I am honestly am in love with the¬†Marina UV White Hydro Cool Gel Lotion.¬†Thanks banget once again to¬†Marina¬†brand¬†& team yang mengundang ku ke event launching ini. Hugs & kisses XOXO ! ‚̧

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