PIXY Two Way Cake Cover Smooth Review!

Hey everyone! ❤
Welcome back to my blog, it’s been a while oh yes it has. I got something good to share for all of you. I’m seriously digging this new product right now. It’s none other than;

PIXY Two Way Cake Cover Smooth!

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So let me give you a lil background on the brand itself. PIXY is a cosmetic brand by Mandom Beauty Tokyo that represents Tokyo Beauty, Asias’s newest beauty trend and aims to inspire young women of the world.


So just a few days back, I was lucky enough to get my hands on these new babies ❤ So let me tell you a bit of this product. This UV whitening two way cake powder gives you that camera-ready smooth and focused effect on your face. Its a long lasting product, up to 10 hours!

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The price is IDR 43.000 which i think is very affordable for such a good quality two way cake powder ❤
It’s available in 5 different shades; (1) White Ochre, (2) Pink Cream, (3) Natural Cream, (4) Natural Peach and (5) Light Caramel.
I now have all 5 shades and I am most fitting to shade number 3 which is Natural Cream 😀

Pixy 3 Pixy 4

Seeing the product up close, I just need to say how I love the simple yet sleek packaging. It’s small and easy to cary on your purse anywhere, mirror is super helpful for when you need that touch-up on any of your outing activity, and can you just take a good look and appreciate the blue flower design complimenting the clean white package, ah it’s just a beautiful & convenient all in one packaging.

And this new design has a Smart-Lock system, which allows you to put the powder refill on without any adhesive needed 😀 Super convenient right 😀

Here are my overall review:

Plus Symbol

Beauty Lock Formula
Gives you that flawless smooth look that last up to 10 hours!
SPF 30 & PA +++
Gives you the optimum protection against UVA & UVB rays
2 Way Whitening
Gives you a brightening effect
Contains Squalane Oil
Keep a good level of needed moisture on your skin
Clinically tested
A good product is a save product


Pixy Review Result

So here is the result of the product applied on my face. The left photo is me with just minimum foundation and no powder. The left is after I applied the PIXY Two Way Cake Cover Smooth in shade Natural Cream 🙂 ❤

Can you seriously see the difference?! I mean OMG it does wondrous! ❤

And do note that the photo is taken 10 HOURS after the application!!! I had  long day at that time but the powder keeps my face oil free and still looking all smooth to the touch 😀
I took this photo in front of  a bright desk-lamp to show the before after with the same lighting 😀 And I didn’t wear a lot of makeup on that day to solely focus on testing the staying power of PIXY Two Way Cake Cover Smooth 😀 ❤

Let me say that not only does it looks good, it feels good as well! I stroke my face gently after I apply the powder and I seriously feel my skin baby smooth to the touch 😀 ❤

ps; This is a non altered photo that I took in bright indoor lighting using my Fujifilm X-A2 camera.


Good news babes! PIXY is currently holding this awesome competition that you guys should definitely try out 😀
It’s My Beauty Essentials with PIXY Two Way Cake Cover Smooth Blog Competition 😀 ❤

Can you see the prizes on that poster, I mean Camera & SmartPhone ❤ Dayum, sign me up 😀
It’s super easy to compete, you just need to:

  1. Do a review of PIXY Two Way Cake Cover Smooth on your blog
  2. Use the theme “My Beauty Essentials with PIXY TWC Cover Smooth”
  3. Tell us your experience using the product and write down how you feel getting that clear and smooth skin for up to 10 hours using PIXY TWC Cover Smooth
  4. Don’t forget to put a before after photo of your face using PIXY TWC Cover Smooth and also a photo of your face 10 hours later 🙂
  5. Last but not least, competitors have to use the Cover Smooth Blog Competition Badge on their blog review whic is this picture bellow 😀

Pixy Poster 2

You can also check out more about PIXY and the competition by clicking the links here:
– Instagram @pixycosmetics
– Twitter @pixyindonesia
– Facebook PIXY Indonesia
– Youtube PIXY Indonesia
– Official website http://pixy.co.id/

So that’s basically it folks! I hope you would like to try the product out after seeing my review. I give it a 4,5 out of 5 😀 ❤ Love it! Super recommended 😀 ❤
Thanks so much for stopping by loves and as always, see you on my next post!

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