Centro Beauty Bash Event 2016!

HELLOOOO my lovely readers!
Welcome back to my blog, ahh gosh how I love being productive on my blog. You know that feeling of wanting to do what you wanna do but you have so much other things to do until you can’t really do anything and just slump in a couch somewhere on the corner of your room? LOL, finally I can get the time to write, write and write tho ❤
Loving this ❤

In this post I will be talking to you about Centro! Yes, expect some blog post ahead to be about Centro again and again because I seriously do have lot’s of exciting stuff for you to know ❤


As you might have known already from my previous post regarding Centro Department Store, this year I am the selected blogger to be represented on Centro’s 2016 beauty pamphlet! Hahaha, *I pat myself on the back* and drank an imaginary beer (cause I don’t really drink lol). Aside from me going to be on their official pamphlet, I will also get the task on letting you know the newest updates about Centro’s events this year and one of the most exciting one is:

Centro Beauty Bash Event 2016!


So here I say Hello all CentroHolics! Centro department store is back with a bang as this years event will not only be so exciting, but it happens at 3 major different places around Indonesia!

Centro Beauty Bash is an annual event that is held in 3 major cities, 2 times in 1 year in Centro Discover Shopping Mall Bali, Centro Plaza Ambarrukmo and once a year in Mall Paragon Solo. There’ll be a lot of product discounts and fun activities in the centro Beauty Bash event. This event is very anticipated by the citizens in Bali, Jogja and Solo. For you modernly active ladies and gents out there who always wants to look good inside and out, Centro Beauty Bash will be held in Centro Plaza Ambarrukmo Jogja, Mall Paragon on May 28th 2016 from 4pm – 8pm Indonesia Western Standard Time and Centro Discovery Shopping Mall Bali on May 29th 2016, at 4pm – 8pm Indonesia Central Standard Time.


In this year’s Centro Beauty Bash, Centro will be giving a special treatment for all of you ladies out there. These special treatments would be; Interesting Beauty Tips with special guests from well known beauty-related brands, FREE Nail Art, FREE Photo-booth, Makeover, Beauty Hampers, Top Spender Award, and also fun games like shopping Rally and makeup as prize challenge that’s worth millions of rupiah! Don’t worry about getting tired there ’cause Centro will also be giving you all refreshments. Centro is also giving alot of prizes and exclusive offers for CentroHolics and owner of Parkson Centro Cards.

Picture5 Picture1


Aside from that, Centro is also having lots of discounts on cosmetic products and perfume, with the discount up to 70% and Buy 1 Get 1 Free. Some top brands that will participate on this event will be as follows; Elizabeth Arden, Kanebo, NYX, Lancome, L’oreal, Aigner, Ultima, Revlon,  PAC, Kenzo, Hugo Boss, C&F Perfumary, Maybelline and lots more! ❤


Get the chance to be invited to the Centro Beauty Bash event for free with a minimum purchase of IDR 300.000 and follow the updated info on Twitter @centroholic and CentroHolic Facebook Fanpage and Instagram @centrodeptstore, terms and conditions applied. 😀

Picture4 Picture3









So what are you waiting for! Come and enjoy this wondeful event on the weekend and there’s no reason to miss the chance on shopping at Centro Department Store! Be a smart shopper and shop more with Centro Department Store! 😀 ❤

See you in my next post! ❤

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Attending the Final of Miss Indonesia 2016 with Sariayu! | Janine Intansari

Wow, I’ve been super productive in my blogging life lately thanks to Sariayu ❤
And another thanks to this local makeup brand that I absolutely love, I got the chance to attend the Final of the Miss Indonesia 2016 Event!!!
It was held in RCTI Studio and this’ll be the post where I’ll be filling in anything that you wanna know about it so stay tuned till the end of this post and I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy experiencing it ❤

Sariayu Miss Indonesia 1

So there I was at the RCTI studio, I wore this floral dress from Miss Selfridge, one of my fave clothing brand ❤ And yes my hair was pink, Lol XD
FYI, on my way to the event, it was kinda raining a bit and I went there via motorcycle with my boyfriend, so good thing my dress was okay, but my hair was such a mess after that. I then rush to meet with the hairdresser there for Sariayu and I asked for just any hairdo that suites me, so they gave me these cute curls (altho tbh I think it’s a bit too much, lol) but I still love how they saved my hair nonetheless, it’s better than looking like a train wreck XD

So why was I there in the first place? First of all, I got invited to this prestigious event thanks to Sariayu. At this event, Sariayu opened a booth showcasing their newest makeup collection from the #TrendWarnaKrakatau 2016. The task that I needed to do on booth was to give a makeup tutorial to a model while being recorded so that later it can be uploaded to Sariayu’s Youtube Channel.

Sariayu Miss Indonesia 2

So here’s what the both looked like with all it’s glories ❤

Sariayu Miss Indonesia 3

And this is Tutin, doing her makeup on her model. We shared the same task, and after she finished hers, it’s my turn to do the make over

Sariayu Miss Indonesia 4

I did a natural looking makeup to my model, gosh she has such a unique and pretty face ❤ Natural eyeshadow colors and natural lip makes a very wearable look. I love how this year Sariayu made the #TrendWarnaKrakatau products super wearable but you can also look eye-catching with the same product because there’s just so many looks you can create with them ❤

One last selfie at the booth before the beauty bloggers head inside the Miss Indonesia Event 😀 Ahh I’m just so in love with Tutine’s face, gurl why u so adorbs ❤ ❤

All the Miss Indonesia 2016 contestants are on the stage and the show is on! What a magnificent set! The performers were on the top of their game ❤ Singers sang their heart out and the contestants did their best ❤ Here are some of the highlights of the shows on a couple of photos 🙂

Sariayu Miss Indonesia 5 Sariayu Miss Indonesia 9 Sariayu Miss Indonesia 8 Sariayu Miss Indonesia 7 Sariayu Miss Indonesia 6

It was a very exciting night and everything was executed perfectly. I love the moment where the singers sang while the contestants strut down the stage, pose and then go to their already-queued spots. I have to say to you that hands down all the contestants look super flawless. With or without makeup these ladies would’ve rocked it so awesomely, but that night, they did had a lil help from, you guessed it, the Sariayu Makeup Team ❤

Sariayu Miss Indonesia 12

I had 2 favorites from all these contestants, hehe. Miss Lampung and Miss Bengkulu were some of the 2 that I hoped to go far. And they did! They got to the top 10! Woohoo! And it’s so happens that later that same week I’d be pairing of with Miss Bengkulu in a super awesome competition called the Sariayu Beauty Avenger ❤ Check that story out here 😀

Sariayu Miss Indonesia 11 Sariayu Miss Indonesia 10

Some selfies with my beautiful beauty blogger ladies ❤ I had a wonderful time with them, and the Sariayu Team, and I am so honored to have had the chance to be there and experience all that I can as a beauty blogger.

If you haven’t already tried the newest makeup products from this years Sariayu’s #TrendWarnaKrakatau, you’re missing out! You should definitely try their new eyeshadow palettes and Duo Lipstick, I mean even I am super crazy of their duo lipstick, Who wouldn’t want a matte and glossy lipstick on the same product ❤

So there you have it, the story of my adventures with Sariayu in the Miss Indonesia event ❤ I hope you had a nice time reading this and as always, See you in my next Post! ❤ 😀

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Sariayu Beauty Avenger Challenge 2016 PART 2 | Janine Intansari

Welcome back to the second part of Sariayu Beauty Avenger Challenge 2016!
Thank you so much for your constant visit, love and support for me and my blog’s activities ❤
Here’s part 2 of the awesome event held by Sariayu, enjoy!

Sariayu 5

So here I was, with 4 of my beautiful friends slash rivals at the Sariayu Beauty Avenger Challenge 2016! We’re super excited at this point and yet so nervous as well. Soon, we will go and be paired with each 1 Miss Indonesia top 10 finalist and we will do her makeup And pick a hairstyle for the model in 30 minutes time. Not to mention that we would also be picking the wardrobe for them as well, super hard challenge, no? XD

So what is the Sariayu Beauty Avenger Challenge anyway?
Well this year Sariayu decided to make an event where 10 awesome beauty bloggers AND the top 10 finalist of Miss Indonesia 2016 will be paired off and would compete in a make over challenge, the beauty bloggers as the makeup artist and the finalist of Miss Indonesia as the model. The beauty blogger’s will be equipped with this year’s Sariayu’s new makeup kits, the Trend Warna Krakatau ❤

Sariayu 13 Sariayu 15

Top of the line makeup tools are ready for us and we were so freakin excited to see who would we pair with ❤
And atlast, we were then escorted to a room to meet our models ❤

Sariayu 6

Even without makeup they look so drop dead gorgeous ❤
All of the 5 beauty bloggers where paired with there beautiful ladies, I was lucky enough to be paired with Ms. Edith Aldillasari, Miss Indonesia’s 1st Runner Up from Bengkulu! It was such an honor ❤ She’s the second from the left, with the mini black and yellowish-green dress I picked for her some time before 🙂 In just a few moments, I would give her a make over. So we were then escorted to our post, each beauty blogger and their model have their own post, I got a post in the Suite’s luxurious bathroom, take a look at some photos of me and Miss Bengkulu before the competition starts, 😀

Sariayu 8 Sariayu 7

See how beautiful she is even without makeup? I mean look at her skin, so soft and smooth, a makeup artist dream come true ❤
She’s super kind and sweet, and we were the same age so we hit it quickly, we chatted a bit before the competition start. The staff there suddenly informed us that the competition was about to start, we were all getting ready, I was getting my brush set out from my bag, my sponges and other makeup tools, and in 3, 2, 1, It’ Begins!!!

Sariayu 9

Here she is after I gave her the make over, I called it Kiss by the earth ❤
Warm tones of eyeshadows are applied to her lids, and I gave her a lil bit of purple-ish-pink tone on her brows as a special signature from myself, the colorful-loving lady, hehe 🙂

Another selfie before we finish the competition 😀

Here’s an official video of all the 10 beauty bloggers in the competition, goodness I look super ugly there. The cameraman instructed me to look all though and cocky while I actually didn’t want to, I’d rather put a blank face or at least smile, but yeah, I don’t like how I look on the video, and why oh why THE BLOODY THUMBNAIL, hahaha, of all the girls and faces, why that thumbnail :’)

If you wanna know who wins, it’s my friend, Kiara Leswara. We had a vote for a week or so on Sariayu’s official Instagram, everyone voted and she won, I’m super happy for her, check out her instagram and follow her if you haven’t 😀

Sariayu 10 Sariayu 11

And here I am tidying up after my makeup tools after the competition, and after that my boyfriend picked me up from the Hotel room and went home, feeling Victorious, no matter who won, every girl is a winner that night ❤

Overall, this chance of a collaboration between the big houses like Sariayu and the Miss Indonesia is a once in a life time opportunity. I was so honored to get the chance to do this with every single one of the ladies at this event. And if you haven’t checked out the #TrendWarnaKrakatau that Sariayu has launch, you should check it out, especially the Duo Lipstick, matte and glossy in 1 product.

So that’s it for this post. I hope you all enjoyed the story of the Sariayu Beauty Avenger Challenge. Thanks so much everyone for all the love and support till now and as always, I’ll see you in my next post! 😀 ❤

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Sariayu Beauty Avenger Challenge 2016 | Janine Intansari

Hello my fellow readers and beauty-enthusiast!
Welcome back to my blog and in this post, it’ll be super exciting because Ima be talking about my recent experience with Sariayu in the…

Sariayu 1

Sariayu Beauty Avenger Challenge!
In all my days as a beauty b&vlogger, never have I imagine that I would have the chance to collaborate with one of Indonesia’s top makeup line Sariayu and on top of that, also a collaboration with Miss Indonesia 2016! I mean Wow! Major goals! I felt so blessed to have been given this opportunity 🙂
So here’s a recap of it, and because this event has been one of the most epic events of my beauty blogging career, Ima separate this in to 2 parts, (part 2 can be seen here) and this will be Part 1, enjoy!

So here I am looking all dolled up at the event, I chose this makeup look to look a bit bad-ass but then again, I changed my lip color in the middle of the event to my signature ombre lip because I felt like I needed a lil bit of girly-ness on my face, 😀

View this post on Instagram

Squad goals achieved! We are the second batch of @sariayu_mt Beautu Avengers 😍😁👍🏼✨ Wish us luck on this competition! Tanpa mengurangi rasa hormat, aku meminta kalian untuk membantu vote aku di kompetisi ini dengan cara: 1. Kunjungi @sariayu_mt 2. Cari foto ku bersama Miss Bengkulu @edithaaldillasari ( ini link photonya: https://instagram.com/p/BCSnqvZnQm4/ ) 3. Like photo tsb and your Done! 💖✨ 1 vote & luck dr kalian sangat berarti bagi ku, so thank you so much for the love and support! #SariayuBeautyAvengers #janineintansariXsariayu #squadgoals #TrendWarnaKrakatau #sariayu2016 . #janineintansariOotd #ootd #ootdindo #lookbook #lookbookindonesia #lookbookindo @lookbookindonesia @ootdindo #indobeautygram @indobeautygram

A post shared by Janine Intansari (@janineintansari) on

Say hello to my Squad!
Talk about squad goals! These 4 beautiful ladies and myself was the second group of the day to do the shoot. The first group has finished their beauty avenger challenge earlier at the day and would only need to shoot a bit more footage while we would still be at the set until at least 7pm that day.

Note that I have just gotten home the night before at 2am, actually that’s the same day! I got home from Bangkok from attending also one of the most exciting events of my life, I’ll tell you all about that later 😉

Sariayu 2

Check out the business of the set. Our shooting venue was set on the beautiful Raffles Hotel Jakarta in Kuningan area. The Presidential Suite that we shot in was to DIE for ❤ So gorgeous and breathtaking, although I agree it’s kinda hard to appreciate the whole beauty of the room with all this cast, staff and all that equipment for the shooting.

Sariayu 3

A Pink-pigtailed-harajuku-styled-brat girl just goofing around at the Sariayu Beauty Avenger set here, LOL 😀
I was just taking some pics while waiting for my turn to shot. To be honest I was freakin nervous for today’s task, it’s a freakin competition against some of the BEST beauty bloggers dude! But aside from my nervousness, I also had TONS of fun! All the beauty bloggers and the 10 Miss Indonesia candidates are super nice and sweet, I had a bunch of fun with them, I seriously sorta felt kinda guilty that this is actually my Work, XD

Sariayu 4

The cast and staff were given delicious meals and we were all enjoying our time at the set. It’s just super awesome getting to know so many different types of people on your work field, like you get to be at a human library where you can learn so much from everyone and respect all kinds of differences between each and everyone of us. And that’s actually one of the reasons I and all the beauty bloggers were chosen as the Sariayu Beauty Avenger Challenge Competition, because we are all such different individuals that it’s such a beautiful thing to be able to do something together and produce something so creative with one another and that’s all thanks to Sariayu

Sariayu 5

Ladies and gents, here’s the sneak peak of the ladies of the 2nd group getting ready for the super intense competition ❤ Squad pose! 😀
Would you wanna know more about it? Check it our HERE on my part 2 of the Sariayu Beauty Avenger Challenge 2016!
See you in my next post!

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Quipper; a Fun E-Learning Solution – My Experience at the Launching Event

Hello my lovely readers! I may say that I’ve been really productive with my blog these past couple of weeks, well at least when compared to months before, lol.
I am required to use Bahasa Indonesia in this post but as usual I can still slip in a bit of English, but yeah here goes 😀
Aku harap kalian semua dalam kabar baik dan sehat ❤ ^_^ (wkwkwk, that will never not sound weird, lol)

In this post, aku akanmenceritakan sedikit tentang experience-ku mendatangi event launching Quipper Video; Solusi e-learning berbasis video online. Mau tau cara belajar bareng yang seru? Baca terus post berikut ini! 😀


Quipper Video Logo
Tepatnya pada tanggal 14 November 2015, aku diundang oleh pihak Quipper Video untuk datang ke acara launching-nya yang berlokasikan di Auditorium Gold CGV Blitz, Grand Indonesia, Jakarta. I usually go everywhere with my boyfriend so we went there together. Sesampainya disana, kita disambut dengan staff Quipper Video dan di escort ke meja buffet dimana kita dipersilahkan untuk lunch terlebih dahulu sebelum acara utama dimulai.


At lunch, I met a couple of my friends, Jane Milka and Kezia. Kita ngobrol – ngobrol sedikit sambil makan siang. Setelah makan siang selesai, me and my boyfriend were escorted to the Gold Auditorium.

Quipper2 Quipper3

The venue is very beautiful you see, bahkan perjalanan ke auditorium nya saja disambut sama tempat – tempat bernuansa VIP seperti ini. Too bad we couldn’t stop at the waiting room to enjoy it a bit, but let’s just keep going inside the auditorium shall we 😀


Sesampainya didalam Auditorium Gold CGV Blitz, para tamu undangan dan bintang tamu sudah berkumpul didalam. Everyone chatted a bit before the real workshop starts. Disini aku bertemu dengan Mrs. Roslina Verauli atau biasanya kupanggil Mbak Vera. Kita sempat berkenalan disaat aku diundang ke acara Curahan Hati Perempuan. It’s so nice to have been able to say hi to her, she’s a very kind and humble person ❤

Ternyata Mbak Vera adalah salah satu bintang tamu undangan Quipper Video yang nantinya akan menemani kita dalam membahas tentang masalah – masalah yang sedang dilewati anak – anak SMA khususnya yang sedang duduk di kelas 3 dan juga apa peran Quipper Video dalam membantu kesulitan mereka dalam persiapan menghadapi Ujian Nasional (UN) dan juga Seleksi Bersama Masuk Perguruan Tinggi Negeri (SBMPTN). Di saat – saat seperti inilah murid – murid kelas 3 SMA patut diperkenalkan dengan cara belajar bersama yang seru untuk meningkatkan motivasi belajar mereka 😀


Dimulai dengan kata sambutan oleh Mr. Takuya Homma as the Marketing Director at Quipper. Beliau menyambut kita dengan sangat ramah dan mempersilahkan para tamu undangan untuk menyimak workshop Quipper dengan baik.


Diskusi lalu dihadiri oleh pembawa acara (kiri ke kanan), Emma, murid kelas 12 pengguna Quipper Video, Mrs. Tri Nuraini, Marketing Manager dari Quipper Ltd., Mrs. Roslina Verauli sebagai psikolog serta Mr. Ferry Muhammad Isnaeni sebagai pengajar dan penyaji materi pelajaran Matematika di Quipper Video.

Quipper7 Quipper8

Di diskusi ini, kita mempelajari lebih dalam tentang Quipper Video dan kelebihan – kelebihannya. I realize that there was 3 main strengths that can be found when using the Quipper Video service.
1. Quality Content
Setelah mendaftarkan diri ke Quipper Video, kita akan merasakan begitu banya konten – konten menarik yang berkualitas karena diracik oleh tutor – tutor yang handal pula. Semua bahan pelajaran yang diajarkan di Quipper video didesain sedemikian rupa oleh tim Quipper & para guru agar mempermudah siswa belajar lebih maximal but also experience a very fun and social time jadi tidak mudah bosan.
2. Accessibility
Karena Quipper Video berbasis internet, pelajar dapat mengaksesnya dengan mudah dan tidak dibatasi ruangan kelas. You just need an internet connection and a gadget to open it with, such as smartphone, tab, or laptop. Dengan begitu, saat – saat dimana murid biasanya menganggur seperti menunggu macet di transportasi umum, atau duduk – duduk santai di cafe bisa digunakan untuk mengakses Quipper Video. Kapan saja, dimana saja, so easy to access.
3. Affordable
Service Quipper Video sangat high quality tetapi maupun begitu, service Quipper Video sangatlah terjangkau. Apalagi untuk para siswa yang ingin mendaftar sekarang – sekarang ini, Quipper Video sedang mengadakan diskon besar – besaran yaitu sebesar Rp. 380.000/ tahun ajaran, atau bisa dibilang Rp. 38.000 / per bulan!

Seru banget loh guys diskusinya, aku aja sampe cengo liad pembawa acara dan para tamu undangan saling bertanya jawab dan mengungkapkan pendapat mereka. Here are some photos I took at the workshop and after it was finished 😀

Quipper10 Quipper11

Eh aku juga sempet selfie sama temen – temen ku yang hadir workshop nya juga 😀


Hehehe, but first, let us take a selfie! 😀 Here’s me with my friend Kezia, BenaKribo  and Jean Milka.
Dan temen – temen, dibawah ini aku mau menceritakan kalian tentang suka duka ku menghadapi masa – masa SMA kelas 3 and all the other fun cool stuff, keep reading 😀


My Time as a 12 Grade Student

I remember when I was in the 12 grade, atau kalau di Indonesia mungkin masih familiar dipanggil kelas 3 SMA. Menurutku itu salah 1 tahun yang paling mendebarkan sekaligus paling bikin stress karena selain sudah diambang – ambang kelulusan menyelesaikan 9 tahun belajar di bangku sekolah, tapi juga harus menyelesaikan banyak tes yang harus dilewati. Persiapan melewati Ujian Nasional itu sangat melelahkan. Di tahun ku, we don’t really have a fun, low cost, high quality E-Learning program like Quipper Video today, so I went for an alternate route, aku ikut bimbel (bimbingan belajar) yang pada saat itu tempatnya agak jauh dari rumahku. Hampir setiap hari kuusahakan luangkan waktu ke tempat bimbel ku tapi setiap pulang sekolah sudah melewati macet dan harus menempuh jalanan macet lagi untuk ke tempat bimbel tuh buang – buang waktu dan bikin cepat capek. I wish Quipper Video was available sooner. Beruntung kalian – kalian yang sekarang duduk di kelas 12 yang sedang mempersiapkan ujian karena telah hadir bimbel online yang praktis, banyak tips & tricks yang bisa membantu kalian untuk masuk ke Universitas Impian dengan mudah dan gak ribet.

Pada saat di ambang – ambang memasuki musim Ujian di bangku kelas 3 SMA, aku benar – benar merasa tegang dan stressed out banget to be honest. Terkadang ada pelajaran yang suka kelupaan dan catatan kurang lengkap, rasanya pengen banget ada guru yang bisa dimasukin tas terus kubawa pulang karena bingung mau nanya siapa. Enak gak sih kalian sekarang pengguna Quipper Video kalo sampe ada yang lupa atau catatan gak lengkap, kalian tinggal play and reply the videos dimana pelajaran yang dibawakan oleh guru – guru Quipper Video akan selalu bisa diakses dan di putar ulang kapanpun dan dimanapun apalagi kalo udah tegang kan sering lupa tuh!

My Fun & Unique Methods to Concentrate on My Studies
Setelah lulus kuliah tahun lalu, aku melewati banyak masa – masa susah dan senang dalam menimba ilmu. I have a couple of tips and tricks that can help you guys on your journey of gaining knowledge.
1. Make Everything Fun
Kalau udah denger kata – kata “belajar’ tuh rasanya udah males banget soalnya yang ada dipikiran kita belajar itu akan selalu membosankan and no fun. When you make studying fun, you’ll enjoy it and it’ll be easier for you. Biasanya aku akan reward myself with a treat kalau aku berhasil ngafalin sesuatu dengan benar, or setelah selesai ngerjain 1 soal matematika, I eat 1 piece of chocolate, haha. Atau bahkan aku suka ada background music atau background serial TV yang ku stel di laptop ku tapi aku play as a background aja gitu untuk nemenin aku belajar. Entah kenapa rasa bosan dan tegang jadi hilang dan lebih relax belajar. Tentunya ini disesuaikan sama apa yang paling nyaman untuk kalian. Ada yang kalau belajar tuh gak bisa ada suara sama sekali, etc. Nah with Quipper, I also see it as a game karena selain visualisasi websitenya yang cakep banget untuk dilihat, jadi gak bosen, serasa main game! 😀
2. Schedule Your Study Time
Kalau kita set kapan saja waktu belajar kita, tentu kita akan lebih disiplin dalam melakukanya. I tried stduying without scheduling once, and ending – endingnya malah jadi berantakan, berenti – berenti, setengah – setengah dan jadi overall cepet capek. Keeping everything on schedule can help you not get bored at studying ^_^
3. Study Together with Friends
Apa sih yang gak seru kalau dilakukan bareng temen? Belajar pasti juga bisa seru kalau bisa dilakukan sama teman – teman. Set a schedule to study together di tempat yang sudah kalian tentukan. Mau itu di cafe, di rumah teman, studying together with friends makes the activity more fun, less boring and kalian juga bisa saling bertukar ilmu 😀
4. Try New Ways
Tentunya kalau belajar dengan cara itu-itu aja pasti akan bosan mau apapun caranya. Cobalah pindah venue belajar, mungkin di teras rumah, atau di ruang tamu kalau dikamar bawaannya ngantuk terus. Atau bisa juga belajar diluar rumah atau sambil ngopi. Nah, Quipper is a super cool and new way of studying nih, patut banget untuk dicoba, dijamin gak bakal cepet bosen soalnya ngerjain soalnya pun seakan main game, visualisasinya enak banget untuk dilihat 😀

Last but not least, aku hanya ingin sampaikan ke kalian semua teman – teman ku yang masih duduk di bangku sekolah apalagi yang mau menghadapi UN. Guys, my keyword for you is to “Focus but Chill“. Ini yang sering aku ulang – ulang jadi mantra di kepalaku pas aku lagi persiapan UN. I need to focus on my studies, work hard and practice again and again, tapi chillax guys, gak akan banyak yang masuk ke otak kalian kalau kalian belajar dengan stres. Bangun, goyangin badan ke kanan kiri layaknya stretching badan, take a deep breath and exhale. Belajarlah dengan fokus dan tenang. Masa – masa ini akan berakhir dengan sangat cepat, and hasil UN tuh doesn’t definied who you are, it’s just there as the national standardization that you need to pass. Tentu aja pastinya gak mugkin kalau gak merasakan stress sama sekali, tapi percaya deh, kalau mengikuti tips and tricks diatas untuk mengurangi stress, menghilangkan rasa bosan, try to find the fun in it and dengan dukungan keluarga dan teman – teman serta guru – guru kalian, YOU CAN do it, and you will. Say it and repeat it in your mind, “I CAN, and I WILL!”.



Nah guys and girls, setelah lebih mengenal apa itu Quipper Video, jadi pengen coba kan yaa? Apalagi ini pas lagi hot – hot nya nih, and they are currently having a super affordable price which is Rp. 38.000 / per bulan!

Bayangin dulu aku sering banget harus bolak balik ke tempat bimbel bahkan cari guru di sekolah cuma ingin bertanya pelajaran yang tadi sempet lupa atau kurang ngerti. It takes a lot of time and energy ya kan? Belom macetnya Jakarta, Ugh! That’s why, aku mau banget kalian untuk nyoba daftar ke Quipper Video, udah gampang, easy, praktis, and obviously very educative ❤
 You can definitely find them here on the links bellow 😀

Quipper https://video.quipper.com/?utm_source=janineinstansari&utm_medium=blog&utm_campaign=article
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/quipperstudents
Twitter https://twitter.com/quipper_id
Instagram https://instagram.com/quipper_id
Video https://youtu.be/LOzKsIstjKg

I guarantee you’ll not regret your decision if you do join Quipper Video! Aku aja wish kalau  Quipper Video ada dari dulu – dulu jaman aku SMA kelas 3, pasti kebantu banget aku. But setelah aku liat workshopnya, aku yakin banget ini bisa bantu temen – temen khususnya kelas 3 SMA yang lagi persiapan menghadapi UN! 😀

Sekian dulu dari aku tentang pembahasan mengenai  Quipper Video, I hope informasi ini membantu kalian semua dan kalian mau mencoba service  Quipper Video 😀 Don’t forget tp check out their website on the linkes given above 😀
And as always, see you in my next post!

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Quipper Video

#JanineQshaGiveaway ; A Travel-themed Giveaway and How to Participate!

Hello everyone!

It’s been so long since my last giveaway, it was a giveaway i held on youtube but NOW, I’ve partnered up with my friend Chrisya (check out her blog here follow her IG @qsha9 ^_^) who also joined hands with THEFACESHOP Indonesia to hold another giveaway!

I LOVE TRAVELING. I am a wanderlust and I’m sure you’re all too! But if you don’t know what are the necessary beauty kits to keep your skin and body healthy, it’ll not be that much of a fun trip. So I would like to give you some beauty products perfect for traveling, while @qsha9 will give out some items related to traveling, and THEFACESHOP Indonesia have been so kind to sponsor us with an essential traveling product – THEFACESHOP Natural Sun Power Long-lasting Sun Cream (a MUST in my makeup bag also!).


We will chose 3 lucky winners, Prizes breakdown are as follow:

Winner 1 Passport case Luggage Tag Pouch THEFACESHOP Sun cream L’oreal Extraordinary oil Pixy Pure Finish Compact powder

Winner 2 Passport case Pouch THEFACESHOP Sun cream Maybelline clearsmooth all in on compact powder H&M Shimmer body splash

Winner 3 Luggage tag Maybelline white super fresh compact powder Bath & Bodyworks handgel L’oreal total repair 5 repairing spa mask

1) Click  this link and comment below that post with the format;
Name: Instagram ID: Your idea of dream travel: (Where do you want to visit? What do you want to do there? Etc) Example: Next summer holiday, my dream trip would be visiting Provence, France and see the gorgeous lavender and sunflower field!
You can also comment your entry on this blogpost, doing both is also great 😀
2) Follow @thefaceshopid, @janineintansari and @qsha9 on Instagram.
3) And then repost the giveaway photo on you personal Instagram, mention/tag @thefaceshopid, @janineintansari and @qsha9. And use the hashtag #janineqshagiveaway
4) Don’t forget to tag minimum 3 of your friends on the instagram post!
5) You can repost the photo as many times as you like, but we will pick the winner based on your creativity of writing your ideal travel ideas
6) Contests period: July 20th – August 2nd, 2015 and only for Indonesian resident! (Hopefully we’ll go international soon!)
7) 3 Winners will be chosen and announced on the 5th of August! All the best and good luck to all participants!!


Thanks so much for your participation, I wish you all good luck on this giveaway contest!
Hugs and kisses XOXO

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My Personal Experience with Dr. Jart+’s Dermask

Hello beauty lovers!
Welcome back to my blog. I know I know, it’s been 3 freakin months since my last update but I have my reasons ladies.
I’ve been busy getting my YouTube channel out there and trust me, it needs some time. I’ve also recently co-created the IndoBeautyVlogger community, my friend Minyo and I have been working on it so hard, especially her. IndoBeautyVlogger is her baby and my niece ❤ Please do follow our instagram @Indobeautygram where we always update everything about beauty and makeup.

So yeah, on to the topic. On 13th of June, I’ve had the privilege of being invited to a private workshop by Dr. Jart+ in Pacific Place in the Beauty Lounge Lafayette. It was such an awesome experience, and I am so thankful for my dear friend Shoshanah Serly to have invited me to this workshop ❤

So Dr. Jart+ Indonesia has recently released a face mask line called Dermask to the masses. Me and 4 other bloggers were exclusively invited to try it out first. Here are the product’s pics.


So there are 5 types of Dermask. I’ve selected the one that suits sensitive skin. Although my skin is considered normal, I decided to try the sensitive one because all the other 4 bloggers has chosen the other ones, but no worries, I’ll be explaining all the mask types right now.

1. Dr. Jart+ Calm Your Sensitive Skin

This mask is a good choice if you have some acne problem and sensitive skin. It is made from Tencel Cotton, with Aloe & Portulaca extract to sooth your skin, and to reduce swelling.
Price: Rp. 200.000,-

2. Dr. Jart+ Clean Up Your Pores

This makes is good to reduce the huge pores on your face, it has sulfur and charcoal extract. It does not lift out the white pores though, it closes up those annoying holes on your face and it cleans dirt and pores.
Price: Rp. 200.000,-

3. Dr. Jart+ Lift Up Your Face Line

A very good mask for you who are worried of early aging. It’ll lift up your face, like a botox but no needles ❤
It’s made with Hydrogel, and has a transdermal delivery system. The product goes deep into your skin.
Price: Rp. 250.000,-

4. Dr. Jart+ Reset Your Hydration

This Mask gives no irritation whatsoever, obviously hydrates your face. You’ll feel that puffy skin after you finished using this mask. The mask is made of Tencel Cotton and has Hyaluronic Acid to gives even more hydration.
Price: Rp. 200.000,-

5. Dr. Jart+ Turn On Your Face

This mask brightens your face, turning it on and you’ll feel the freshness afterwards. This has pearl extract & 20 bioactive niacinamyte. The mask has a consistency of jelly.
Price: Rp. 250.000,-

I was offered to use the Dr. Jart+ Calm Your Sensitive Skin and here is me wearing the mask. It’s so soothing. Don;t forget that you cannot wear this mask to bed, it has to be taken off after 15 minutes of using.


What’s awesome though is that I got to bring home all of the mask and here they are, unpacked and ready to be used by Moi~ ❤

I had a blast in this workshop, and me and my friend Serly had a great time, and ofcourse it wouldn’t be a great time without selfies!
IMG_7859 IMG_7855

She’s such a drop dead gorgeous girl, and she is a successful and a professional beautypreneur and makeup artist. I’m glad to have her as my friend, AND also invited me to this workshop ofcourse ❤

Here’s also a couple of photos I took while I was there ^_^

IMG_7863 IMG_7864

Yummy! Look at all those products! I got to try the CTRL A product series. If I’m not mistaken it’s their product line concentrating in giving radience to the skin. They feel amazing and I went home with the CTRL A BB Crea, on my face ❤

And what’s a workshop without Goodie Bags~~~~ <3~

I got this awesome box, and inside are their brow pencil in brown and dark grey color and eyeliner pencil also in brown and black color. I’ll definitelly do a review on them pretty soon!

Thanks so much for tuning in to this post, I had such an awesome time on the workshop and I had fun writing this, as always:

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