Sariayu Kawaii Makeup Look Pictorial with Janine Intansari <3

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Welcome  back to my blog ❤
Thanks so much for all the constant love and support throughout my blogging career. I never thought I’d be able to make so many friends and meet so many people online that has a similar passion like me, Makeup! I’m so blessed to get all the positive feedback on my previous makeup tutorials whether it’s on my youtube channel or here on my blog, and even on my instagram

So with so many request flowing to me asking for another makeup tutorial, I finally present you a Kawaii Makeup Look! A collaboration with me and Sariayu Color Trend

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So this is the before and after look, so if you are interested in re-creating this look, please keep scrolling down for the guided step by step pictorial, hope you enjoy, I put my heart into this one 😀 ❤

  1. After I apply my daily moisturizing cream and sunblock on my face, I applied face primer.
  2. Pic 2 After my face is all primed up, I apply Borneo Mousse Foundation in B-01 Light tone and apply it with a brush.
  3. Pic 3 The next step is to apply contour to some parts of the face. I apply contour on the side of my nose, sides of my cheeks and a little bit on my jawline. I also apply brown brow pencil onto my brows. Contouring definitely makes a LOT of difference, doesn’t it? 😀
  4. Pic 4 Next, taking the Sariayu Color Trend 2016 Eye Shadow Kit, and taking the eyeshadow (color shown on picture), I apply it on to my crease and blend it with a blending brush. Try to smoke it out s
  5. Pic 5And then taking the next color, I apply it only on the outer corner of my lid and blending it slowly. The key here is to blend the darker brown with the lighter brown together but still keeping the intensity of the dark brown.
  6. Pic 6Taking this beautiful light beige eyeshadow color from the palette, I apply it to the center of my eyelid and blend it with the rest of the lids.
  7. Pic 7 I then come back to the previous dark brown eyeshadow and apply it using the provided brush from the palette on to the lower corner of my eyes. This is to give an effect of a fuller lower lashes.
  8. Pic 8 Taking this Sariayu Krakatau 02 Eyeshadow palette, I take the light silvery-blue color and apply it on to the lower lash line to brighten up the look.
  9. Pic 10 Pic 10 Using my favorite palette from Sariayu which is Sariayu 25 Best Color Choice for Asian Women palette, I take this shimmery beige color and apply it to the center of the lid and for an extra touch of brightness I also put it on the tear ducts.
    In the next photo shows what the eyeshadow looks like after applying it to both eyes.
  10. Pic 11 I then take this Sariayu Duo Eye Makeup Mascara & Eye Liner and give my eyes a lil bit of a flirty wing ❤ I skipped the mascara because at the moment I have lash extension so yeah 😀
  11. Pic 12Taking the Sariayu Blush in Apokayan, I apply it to the apples of my cheeks, it helps a lot when you smile so you know where to concentrate the application of the blush. I then blend it with the cheek contour so it looks soft and natural.
  12. Pic 13Going back to the shimery-beige color from Sariayu 25 Best Color Choice for Asian Women palette, and with a fluffy brush, I apply it to the highest point of my cheek bones and also bring it to the center of the cheek, blending it slowly with the blush. NOTE!; applying the same eyeshadow color to the cupids bow will make your mouth look more pouty, giving a cute look.
  13. Pic 14Finally we come to my favorite part in makeup, LIPS! I super love playing with lipstick. In this tutorial, I’m going to make a tinted ombre lip, my favorite lip look. First, I apply a light (close to skin) color lipstick as the base, and taking Sariayu Duo Lip Color in K-07, I apply the matte one to the center of my lips, and using the glossy one I blend it, bridging the base color with the matte tint in the middle. Lastly apply loose powder to set the makeup and voila! The look is complete!

So how do you like the finish look? I hope this pictorial helps you into achieving a super Kawaii look using Sariayu makeup product of course 😀 ❤

I’ve been a lot more active lately on my blog and I’m super happy about it, I usually procrastinate so badly it’s annoying, but at the same time I lack motivation to move hahaha. So I’m glad you my lovely internet friends keep on pushing me to be better and more productive of course 🙂

And last but not least, I’ll be doing a video tutorial on this look to on my Youtube channel, so hopefully you will check that, it’ll be up on the 22nd of June so stay tuned and subscribe to my channel if you haven’t 😀

And as always I’ll see you all, On my next Post! ❤

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Centro Beauty Bash Event 2016!

HELLOOOO my lovely readers!
Welcome back to my blog, ahh gosh how I love being productive on my blog. You know that feeling of wanting to do what you wanna do but you have so much other things to do until you can’t really do anything and just slump in a couch somewhere on the corner of your room? LOL, finally I can get the time to write, write and write tho ❤
Loving this ❤

In this post I will be talking to you about Centro! Yes, expect some blog post ahead to be about Centro again and again because I seriously do have lot’s of exciting stuff for you to know ❤


As you might have known already from my previous post regarding Centro Department Store, this year I am the selected blogger to be represented on Centro’s 2016 beauty pamphlet! Hahaha, *I pat myself on the back* and drank an imaginary beer (cause I don’t really drink lol). Aside from me going to be on their official pamphlet, I will also get the task on letting you know the newest updates about Centro’s events this year and one of the most exciting one is:

Centro Beauty Bash Event 2016!


So here I say Hello all CentroHolics! Centro department store is back with a bang as this years event will not only be so exciting, but it happens at 3 major different places around Indonesia!

Centro Beauty Bash is an annual event that is held in 3 major cities, 2 times in 1 year in Centro Discover Shopping Mall Bali, Centro Plaza Ambarrukmo and once a year in Mall Paragon Solo. There’ll be a lot of product discounts and fun activities in the centro Beauty Bash event. This event is very anticipated by the citizens in Bali, Jogja and Solo. For you modernly active ladies and gents out there who always wants to look good inside and out, Centro Beauty Bash will be held in Centro Plaza Ambarrukmo Jogja, Mall Paragon on May 28th 2016 from 4pm – 8pm Indonesia Western Standard Time and Centro Discovery Shopping Mall Bali on May 29th 2016, at 4pm – 8pm Indonesia Central Standard Time.


In this year’s Centro Beauty Bash, Centro will be giving a special treatment for all of you ladies out there. These special treatments would be; Interesting Beauty Tips with special guests from well known beauty-related brands, FREE Nail Art, FREE Photo-booth, Makeover, Beauty Hampers, Top Spender Award, and also fun games like shopping Rally and makeup as prize challenge that’s worth millions of rupiah! Don’t worry about getting tired there ’cause Centro will also be giving you all refreshments. Centro is also giving alot of prizes and exclusive offers for CentroHolics and owner of Parkson Centro Cards.

Picture5 Picture1


Aside from that, Centro is also having lots of discounts on cosmetic products and perfume, with the discount up to 70% and Buy 1 Get 1 Free. Some top brands that will participate on this event will be as follows; Elizabeth Arden, Kanebo, NYX, Lancome, L’oreal, Aigner, Ultima, Revlon,  PAC, Kenzo, Hugo Boss, C&F Perfumary, Maybelline and lots more! ❤


Get the chance to be invited to the Centro Beauty Bash event for free with a minimum purchase of IDR 300.000 and follow the updated info on Twitter @centroholic and CentroHolic Facebook Fanpage and Instagram @centrodeptstore, terms and conditions applied. 😀

Picture4 Picture3









So what are you waiting for! Come and enjoy this wondeful event on the weekend and there’s no reason to miss the chance on shopping at Centro Department Store! Be a smart shopper and shop more with Centro Department Store! 😀 ❤

See you in my next post! ❤

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Centro Department Store; Get to Know Centro & My Shopping Experience <3

Ollaaaa everyone!

I’ve finally come back from my 1-month-holiday in Japan and it’s time to activate my blogging skills to it’s max again! This time I’m gonna give you some knowledge on one of my favorite place to shop- you guessed it- MAKEUP!

It’s Centro Department Store! In this post, I’ll be taking about a lil background knowledge to Centro itself and of course my review visiting Centro! I visited the one in Bintaro Exchange Mall in Bintaro Sector 9, Tangerang, Indonesia just so you know. So let’s get to know the beloved Centro

Click the image above to visit their facebook page to get more updates on discounts and promos, not to mention super fun and exciting events!

A lil announcement for my lovely readers,
I am chosen to be the beauty blogger representing Centro Department Store on this year’s Centro Flyer Program ❤
You’ll see my face on the newest pamphlet soon and I’m super excited for that XD
I am also been given task to review and experience the wholeness of Centro Department Store and all it’s glory so expect more Centro-related-post here on my blog in the near future ❤

A short background to Centro

Centro Department Store is one of the top department stores out there that has been providing goods and lifestyle needs to Indonesian consumers for over 12 years. Centro concentrates on the mid-class range consumers while Parkson concentrates on the high-class consumers.

Currently, Centro Department Store can be found in 12 strategic sites across Indonesia including Jakarta, Tangerang, Depok, Bekasi, Cirebon, Solo, Yogyakarta, Surabaya, Bali and Sulawesi.

My Wonderful Shopping Experience at Centro

I live in Bintaro area so the nearest Centro to my house is the one in Bintaro Exchange Mall in Bintaro Sector 9 Tangerang. I love to go to this Mall because it has lots of stores that I love and of course Centro is there 😀

Centro 1

At first I notice Centro on the ground floor because BXC’s Centro Occupies multiple floors. The first floor has some house decor and miscellaneous stuff, the floor above it has clothes and fashion, and the top has bags watches and last but not least makeup.

I am very happy that Centro has a wide range of makeup brands inside. From Revlon, Ultima II, Maybelline, to The Body Shop, L’Oreal and even local products such as Make Over, PAC and Silky Girl. You can certainly find what you’re looking for here because of the wide range of variety ❤

These month, Centro is having a HOT SALE! Look at all those hanging posters, it just invites you in ❤

One of the best reason why I love browsing makeup at Centro is because of the hospitality of the staff there. They don’t hover too much but is always there we we ever need to ask any product knowledge and suggestions.

Centro 2 Centro 3 Centro 4

Ah look how lost I am in all these makeup booths ❤

Although a lot of people are there, you can’t really see it on my photos here, why? Because the Centro at BXC is very spacious, and I’m sure it’s also spacious too on other Centro Department Stores. Believe me, there are a LOT of people browsing for stuff there, you just don’t see it here, and who want’s to shop in such a full uncomfortable crowd anyway? So that’s why space is very important, I personally would love to browse and shop much more if I am at a comfortable spacious place.

Again as I’ve said before, Centro has a huge range of makeup brands ready to serve our makeup cravings and addictions, here are some of the brands I saw at Centro BXC, and this is not even all of them XD

Centro 5 Centro 10 Centro 9 Centro 8 Centro 7 Centro 6

I seriously lost track of time being here. Every makeup junkie out there would understand this feeling XD If it weren’t for the seriously lacking $s on my wallet, I wouldn’t have left this place XD

My makeup cravings were satisfied and I definitely enjoy the experience of visiting Centro Department Store here in BXC. Shopping is one thing, but even just window shopping is also fun here. No matter what you do, it’s just great to be able to relax and give your eyes some treats along the way 😀

Centro 11

A wonderful experience from start to finish here at Centro Department Store. I’m satisfied with every side of it. A lot of my subscribers here or on instagram, youtube and other platforms always ask me where do I usually got my makeup, a lot of you my lovely readers are sometimes still confused on where to go to get good quality makeup products. No more worry cause Centro to the rescue XD

Centro 12

So thanks so much everyone for taking this lil Centro-tour journey with me. Expect more post regarding this awesome department store in the near future, and there’s a Beauty Bash that’ll be held by Centro and I’ma let you know all the scoop about that too so, as always,.. see you in my next post!

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