Attending the Final of Miss Indonesia 2016 with Sariayu! | Janine Intansari

Wow, I’ve been super productive in my blogging life lately thanks to Sariayu ❤
And another thanks to this local makeup brand that I absolutely love, I got the chance to attend the Final of the Miss Indonesia 2016 Event!!!
It was held in RCTI Studio and this’ll be the post where I’ll be filling in anything that you wanna know about it so stay tuned till the end of this post and I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy experiencing it ❤

Sariayu Miss Indonesia 1

So there I was at the RCTI studio, I wore this floral dress from Miss Selfridge, one of my fave clothing brand ❤ And yes my hair was pink, Lol XD
FYI, on my way to the event, it was kinda raining a bit and I went there via motorcycle with my boyfriend, so good thing my dress was okay, but my hair was such a mess after that. I then rush to meet with the hairdresser there for Sariayu and I asked for just any hairdo that suites me, so they gave me these cute curls (altho tbh I think it’s a bit too much, lol) but I still love how they saved my hair nonetheless, it’s better than looking like a train wreck XD

So why was I there in the first place? First of all, I got invited to this prestigious event thanks to Sariayu. At this event, Sariayu opened a booth showcasing their newest makeup collection from the #TrendWarnaKrakatau 2016. The task that I needed to do on booth was to give a makeup tutorial to a model while being recorded so that later it can be uploaded to Sariayu’s Youtube Channel.

Sariayu Miss Indonesia 2

So here’s what the both looked like with all it’s glories ❤

Sariayu Miss Indonesia 3

And this is Tutin, doing her makeup on her model. We shared the same task, and after she finished hers, it’s my turn to do the make over

Sariayu Miss Indonesia 4

I did a natural looking makeup to my model, gosh she has such a unique and pretty face ❤ Natural eyeshadow colors and natural lip makes a very wearable look. I love how this year Sariayu made the #TrendWarnaKrakatau products super wearable but you can also look eye-catching with the same product because there’s just so many looks you can create with them ❤

One last selfie at the booth before the beauty bloggers head inside the Miss Indonesia Event 😀 Ahh I’m just so in love with Tutine’s face, gurl why u so adorbs ❤ ❤

All the Miss Indonesia 2016 contestants are on the stage and the show is on! What a magnificent set! The performers were on the top of their game ❤ Singers sang their heart out and the contestants did their best ❤ Here are some of the highlights of the shows on a couple of photos 🙂

Sariayu Miss Indonesia 5 Sariayu Miss Indonesia 9 Sariayu Miss Indonesia 8 Sariayu Miss Indonesia 7 Sariayu Miss Indonesia 6

It was a very exciting night and everything was executed perfectly. I love the moment where the singers sang while the contestants strut down the stage, pose and then go to their already-queued spots. I have to say to you that hands down all the contestants look super flawless. With or without makeup these ladies would’ve rocked it so awesomely, but that night, they did had a lil help from, you guessed it, the Sariayu Makeup Team ❤

Sariayu Miss Indonesia 12

I had 2 favorites from all these contestants, hehe. Miss Lampung and Miss Bengkulu were some of the 2 that I hoped to go far. And they did! They got to the top 10! Woohoo! And it’s so happens that later that same week I’d be pairing of with Miss Bengkulu in a super awesome competition called the Sariayu Beauty Avenger ❤ Check that story out here 😀

Sariayu Miss Indonesia 11 Sariayu Miss Indonesia 10

Some selfies with my beautiful beauty blogger ladies ❤ I had a wonderful time with them, and the Sariayu Team, and I am so honored to have had the chance to be there and experience all that I can as a beauty blogger.

If you haven’t already tried the newest makeup products from this years Sariayu’s #TrendWarnaKrakatau, you’re missing out! You should definitely try their new eyeshadow palettes and Duo Lipstick, I mean even I am super crazy of their duo lipstick, Who wouldn’t want a matte and glossy lipstick on the same product ❤

So there you have it, the story of my adventures with Sariayu in the Miss Indonesia event ❤ I hope you had a nice time reading this and as always, See you in my next Post! ❤ 😀

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Sariayu Beauty Avenger Challenge 2016 PART 2 | Janine Intansari

Welcome back to the second part of Sariayu Beauty Avenger Challenge 2016!
Thank you so much for your constant visit, love and support for me and my blog’s activities ❤
Here’s part 2 of the awesome event held by Sariayu, enjoy!

Sariayu 5

So here I was, with 4 of my beautiful friends slash rivals at the Sariayu Beauty Avenger Challenge 2016! We’re super excited at this point and yet so nervous as well. Soon, we will go and be paired with each 1 Miss Indonesia top 10 finalist and we will do her makeup And pick a hairstyle for the model in 30 minutes time. Not to mention that we would also be picking the wardrobe for them as well, super hard challenge, no? XD

So what is the Sariayu Beauty Avenger Challenge anyway?
Well this year Sariayu decided to make an event where 10 awesome beauty bloggers AND the top 10 finalist of Miss Indonesia 2016 will be paired off and would compete in a make over challenge, the beauty bloggers as the makeup artist and the finalist of Miss Indonesia as the model. The beauty blogger’s will be equipped with this year’s Sariayu’s new makeup kits, the Trend Warna Krakatau ❤

Sariayu 13 Sariayu 15

Top of the line makeup tools are ready for us and we were so freakin excited to see who would we pair with ❤
And atlast, we were then escorted to a room to meet our models ❤

Sariayu 6

Even without makeup they look so drop dead gorgeous ❤
All of the 5 beauty bloggers where paired with there beautiful ladies, I was lucky enough to be paired with Ms. Edith Aldillasari, Miss Indonesia’s 1st Runner Up from Bengkulu! It was such an honor ❤ She’s the second from the left, with the mini black and yellowish-green dress I picked for her some time before 🙂 In just a few moments, I would give her a make over. So we were then escorted to our post, each beauty blogger and their model have their own post, I got a post in the Suite’s luxurious bathroom, take a look at some photos of me and Miss Bengkulu before the competition starts, 😀

Sariayu 8 Sariayu 7

See how beautiful she is even without makeup? I mean look at her skin, so soft and smooth, a makeup artist dream come true ❤
She’s super kind and sweet, and we were the same age so we hit it quickly, we chatted a bit before the competition start. The staff there suddenly informed us that the competition was about to start, we were all getting ready, I was getting my brush set out from my bag, my sponges and other makeup tools, and in 3, 2, 1, It’ Begins!!!

Sariayu 9

Here she is after I gave her the make over, I called it Kiss by the earth ❤
Warm tones of eyeshadows are applied to her lids, and I gave her a lil bit of purple-ish-pink tone on her brows as a special signature from myself, the colorful-loving lady, hehe 🙂

Another selfie before we finish the competition 😀

Here’s an official video of all the 10 beauty bloggers in the competition, goodness I look super ugly there. The cameraman instructed me to look all though and cocky while I actually didn’t want to, I’d rather put a blank face or at least smile, but yeah, I don’t like how I look on the video, and why oh why THE BLOODY THUMBNAIL, hahaha, of all the girls and faces, why that thumbnail :’)

If you wanna know who wins, it’s my friend, Kiara Leswara. We had a vote for a week or so on Sariayu’s official Instagram, everyone voted and she won, I’m super happy for her, check out her instagram and follow her if you haven’t 😀

Sariayu 10 Sariayu 11

And here I am tidying up after my makeup tools after the competition, and after that my boyfriend picked me up from the Hotel room and went home, feeling Victorious, no matter who won, every girl is a winner that night ❤

Overall, this chance of a collaboration between the big houses like Sariayu and the Miss Indonesia is a once in a life time opportunity. I was so honored to get the chance to do this with every single one of the ladies at this event. And if you haven’t checked out the #TrendWarnaKrakatau that Sariayu has launch, you should check it out, especially the Duo Lipstick, matte and glossy in 1 product.

So that’s it for this post. I hope you all enjoyed the story of the Sariayu Beauty Avenger Challenge. Thanks so much everyone for all the love and support till now and as always, I’ll see you in my next post! 😀 ❤

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Sariayu Beauty Avenger Challenge 2016 | Janine Intansari

Hello my fellow readers and beauty-enthusiast!
Welcome back to my blog and in this post, it’ll be super exciting because Ima be talking about my recent experience with Sariayu in the…

Sariayu 1

Sariayu Beauty Avenger Challenge!
In all my days as a beauty b&vlogger, never have I imagine that I would have the chance to collaborate with one of Indonesia’s top makeup line Sariayu and on top of that, also a collaboration with Miss Indonesia 2016! I mean Wow! Major goals! I felt so blessed to have been given this opportunity 🙂
So here’s a recap of it, and because this event has been one of the most epic events of my beauty blogging career, Ima separate this in to 2 parts, (part 2 can be seen here) and this will be Part 1, enjoy!

So here I am looking all dolled up at the event, I chose this makeup look to look a bit bad-ass but then again, I changed my lip color in the middle of the event to my signature ombre lip because I felt like I needed a lil bit of girly-ness on my face, 😀

View this post on Instagram

Squad goals achieved! We are the second batch of @sariayu_mt Beautu Avengers 😍😁👍🏼✨ Wish us luck on this competition! Tanpa mengurangi rasa hormat, aku meminta kalian untuk membantu vote aku di kompetisi ini dengan cara: 1. Kunjungi @sariayu_mt 2. Cari foto ku bersama Miss Bengkulu @edithaaldillasari ( ini link photonya: ) 3. Like photo tsb and your Done! 💖✨ 1 vote & luck dr kalian sangat berarti bagi ku, so thank you so much for the love and support! #SariayuBeautyAvengers #janineintansariXsariayu #squadgoals #TrendWarnaKrakatau #sariayu2016 . #janineintansariOotd #ootd #ootdindo #lookbook #lookbookindonesia #lookbookindo @lookbookindonesia @ootdindo #indobeautygram @indobeautygram

A post shared by Janine Intansari (@janineintansari) on

Say hello to my Squad!
Talk about squad goals! These 4 beautiful ladies and myself was the second group of the day to do the shoot. The first group has finished their beauty avenger challenge earlier at the day and would only need to shoot a bit more footage while we would still be at the set until at least 7pm that day.

Note that I have just gotten home the night before at 2am, actually that’s the same day! I got home from Bangkok from attending also one of the most exciting events of my life, I’ll tell you all about that later 😉

Sariayu 2

Check out the business of the set. Our shooting venue was set on the beautiful Raffles Hotel Jakarta in Kuningan area. The Presidential Suite that we shot in was to DIE for ❤ So gorgeous and breathtaking, although I agree it’s kinda hard to appreciate the whole beauty of the room with all this cast, staff and all that equipment for the shooting.

Sariayu 3

A Pink-pigtailed-harajuku-styled-brat girl just goofing around at the Sariayu Beauty Avenger set here, LOL 😀
I was just taking some pics while waiting for my turn to shot. To be honest I was freakin nervous for today’s task, it’s a freakin competition against some of the BEST beauty bloggers dude! But aside from my nervousness, I also had TONS of fun! All the beauty bloggers and the 10 Miss Indonesia candidates are super nice and sweet, I had a bunch of fun with them, I seriously sorta felt kinda guilty that this is actually my Work, XD

Sariayu 4

The cast and staff were given delicious meals and we were all enjoying our time at the set. It’s just super awesome getting to know so many different types of people on your work field, like you get to be at a human library where you can learn so much from everyone and respect all kinds of differences between each and everyone of us. And that’s actually one of the reasons I and all the beauty bloggers were chosen as the Sariayu Beauty Avenger Challenge Competition, because we are all such different individuals that it’s such a beautiful thing to be able to do something together and produce something so creative with one another and that’s all thanks to Sariayu

Sariayu 5

Ladies and gents, here’s the sneak peak of the ladies of the 2nd group getting ready for the super intense competition ❤ Squad pose! 😀
Would you wanna know more about it? Check it our HERE on my part 2 of the Sariayu Beauty Avenger Challenge 2016!
See you in my next post!

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Votre Peau Skin Care Review; I’m Loving It!

Ladies and gentlemen,
May I present to you a skin care line that I’ve just recently discovered and could not wait to share with you all…


Votre Peau Skin Care is an Indonesian skin care line based in Jakarta that has been producing high quality product since a year ago in 2015. I’ve research this on their website.
They’re quickly expanding and they’re clients are vastly growing. Interested to know more about their products?
Here are some of them and my reviews towards them, happy reading! ❤

Votre Peau 1

Here are some of it’s products, image courtesy of
From these products, I got the chance to try 3 products;
1. Votre Peau Sake Brightening Spray
2. Votre Peau Vitamin C Serum, and
3. Votre Peau Dermasonic

Votre Peau 2

I was super excited in trying these out, so here are the breakdowns of each products;

Votre Peau 3

The Sake Essence Brightening Spray not only has it’s brightening qualities, but as I sprayed it on to my face, it definitely refreshes and also hydrates and moisturize. I can feel a healthy glow after using this product in the morning and before I go to bed for 1 straight week.

It’s super easy to apply, and the bottle is quite small, so it can be very easy if you wanna bring it on your bag. I have to say it for this brand, their packaging and design, I Love. Look at the design of this box, and the label on the bottle as well, a very nice touch of artistic and simplicity applied, and aside from that, most importantly, it has the product, ingredients and usage information that you need to know on the back of the box.

Votre Peau 4

Votre Peau’s Vitamin C-Serum on the other hand, is in gel form, not water like the sake spray. I apply the serum with my finger tips or with the Dermasonic that I also got from Votre Peau. This serum combined with the soft circular brushing motion of the Dermasonic polishes my skin so softly that I can feel my skin turns squeaky clean and shiny after using this for 4-5 days straight at morning and night time. The serum is used after applying the Sake Spray. Of course you can apply it with fingertips, but I suggest you to get the Dermasonic, it’ll make your face as smooth like a baby’s butt ❤ 😀

Votre Peau 5 Votre Peau 6 Votre Peau 7

And last but not least, the Dermasonic itself. It is powered by 2 AA sized batteries and is waterproof, giving you the freedom and flexibility to use it on dry or wet conditions. It has 3 different brushes and each brushes has it’s own specialty. The Sponge-like brush is made for applying creams or gel type skin care products while the 2 brushes (blue one is for sensitive skin and white one is for normal skin) is made for foaming and brushing your facial foam on to your face, also if used properly will result in a very nice soft and smooth looking skin ❤

Votre Peau Skin Care can be reach either via website or Instagram, this is one of their products that I haven’t tried but I am very interested in doing so 😀

After 1 week of using the Dermasonic to apply my skincare and facial foam, I must say that my face has been more soft and smooth, and the Sake Spray & Vitamin C-Serum has moisturized my skin and brightens my face, especially my under eye areas, as you might’ve known I’m quite the owl, lol 😀


Overall I really do recommend the product very much, I’ll give it a 4,5 out of 5 ❤
If you do try Votre Peau Products, do comment bellow and let me know what you think of the product, what other product from them that you wanna recommend me etc 😀
Alrighty then folks, thanks so much for giving the time to read this post, as always, I’ll see you all on the next post! Ciao ❤

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Sariayu Blogger Gathering for Trend Warna “Krakatau” 2016

Hello loves!
I’ve miss you all much! How have ya’ll been doing? I’m super excited for this post because it’s been a while since I get the chance to do a collaboration with a Local & HIGH Quality affordable makeup brand ❤
What brand if none other than Sariayu Martha Tilaar ❤
So I had the chance to attend the gathering of Sariayu Trend Warna Krakatau 2016 Event on February the 20th 2016. In this blog post, I’ll be telling you all about the makeup, share photos and just share the great time on the event! So without further ado, here we go!~

Welcome to Sariayu Blogger Gathering for Trend Warna “Krakatau” 2016 !!
I’m glad to be able to give you a walk-through of this event because it is an amazing event with amazing new products to try ❤
I’m wearing a silver strapless metallic dress with black tights and black platform boots, alongside this beautiful and authentic Kain Tapis that all the guest received to wear on this lovely event.

The main reason Sariayu held this event is because of the new #TrendWarnaKrakatau product launching which conclude these products;

  1. A total of 12 NEW Duo Lip Color Lipstik shades; it has a Matte and Glossy version! 2 in 1 ❤
  2. Sariayu Color Trend 2016 Eyeshadow Palette K 01 (K for Krakatau) and K 02
  3. Sariayu Color Trend 2016 Eyeshadow Kit

Look at the packaging, isn’t it super cute and creative ❤
I love how local brands are keeping it’s quality high, I can say Sariayu is the kind of brand that can be trusted in terms of quality and keeping up in trend. It does not only keep up on what is trending, it also create it’s own trend ❤

Firstly, the event start with the host and Ibu Martha Tilaar talking about the importance of loving local products, being true to ourselves and staying authentic in the terms of being an Indonesian women. Indonesian culture offers so much ideas and inspiration if we ourselves are willing to look and dig deep to study how beautiful our country can be. So beautiful that Sariayu has made years and years of color trend based on the colors of Exotic Indonesia.

The event then continue to a chit chat between the host and 3 lovely guest. From the left theres Keshia Komala as the Product Executive on Martha Tilaar Group. Then there’s Elizabeth Christina a.k.a Lizzie Parra the famous beauty influencer and talented makeup artist. Last but not least Harumi Sudrajat, creator of her brand MyTipsCantik, a very famous youtube channel in the beauty department and a beauty pioneer.









A lot of my beautiful blogger friends are present on this event, everyone who’s anyone in the beauty industry is invited to this spectacular event. I’m just so glad to be able to meet and greet them and also attending this event at the same time. There’s my friends from the Indo Beauty Vlogger community. I’m also attending this event with my bff Mega Chintasih as my plus 1 ❤

The event then continues with the makeup workshop where selected makeup artist shows the guest how to use the newly launched products to it’s fullest potential. The models are also beautifully dressed according to the theme of the event ❤

Sariayu 7 Sariayu 8

I LOVE the outfits that the models are wearing. It’s so on theme and it boost the intensity of the makeup. It’s beautifully arranged in a way to please our eyes ❤

The Makeup artist are showcasing their skills and also the products potential in creating different and eyecatching look. What’s great is these the color trend that Sariayu launched is both eyecatching and also wearable at the same time. The MUAs did a perfect job in showing that 😀

Sariayu 15

Sariayu 12 Sariayu 13

Let me just say first of all, I LOVE THE DUO LIP COLOR!
I love it hands down my fave product of this year’s trend. I love how flexible it is. Who doesn’t like getting 2 in 1 purchase? I mean these Duo Lip Color will be on the items must have of 2016!

Secondly, I love how beautiful the eyeshadow palette K 01 is. Don’t be intimidated by the purple and blue color shadows because surprisingly, they are very wearable. I rocked the palette out when I was attending the event ❤

I apply the purple shadow on the bottom parts of my eyes to give that POP of color which turned out to be super cute looking ❤

And lastly the Eyeshadow kit is super pigmented, and I love how all of the shades are on the same tone, you have a very wide range of earthy and blueish tones there. I created a look with the pink and brown shades. And applied Duo Lip Color K 08, here’s the result bellow.

I love how wearable the shadow kit is, you can create eye-catching looks but also subtle looks like this as well. Super flexible shadow kit to have ❤

I tried to play around with the Duo Lip Color and I mixed the matte of K 08 with the Glossy from K 01 and here’s the result.

You know how I love me my Ombre Lip. I love the vampy-looking lip. I know it’s the opposite trend of what is on right now which is dark shades on the sides of the lips and bright on the middle of the lips but I just cannot abandone this style that I truly love and I SUPER love the result of mix and matching the color of Sariayu’s Duo Lip Color. Overall, I’m damn satisfied with this years color trend and product.

I’ll definitely play around more with the Duo Lip color and the eyeshadow palettes and kits because the color is just so flexible to mix and match, so stay tuned for more post regarding these products.
As always ladies and gents, I’ll see you all in my next post! XOXO ❤

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