My First Horse Riding Experience with Maybelline New Brand Ambassador!

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It’s gonna be a post full of exciting photos because I am going to talk about my first experience with riding a horse!
Ah feels so equestrian-like~ *takemetoengland *theduchessofcambridgewannabe

So yes! last Sunday, March 8th 2015, I was invited by Maybelline Indonesia to join them and 9 other beauty bloggers to be the first people to know who the new Brand Ambassador of Maybelline Indonesia would be! I was so honored and excited! from hundreds of beauty bloggers, I was invited in the special meetup. Not to mention I will be riding my very first ride!

Okay it wasn’t actually my very first experience with horse riding, I THINK. If I am not mistaken, once when I was a child, I rode a horse on a family vacation to either Puncak or Tangkuban Perahu. I seriously didn’t remember this event happening but I think I have a glimpse of image in my head, although ’till now, after a series of album photo checking later, I haven’t found any solid proof, so I’ll consider this as my very first horse riding experience because this will be the one that I actually remember, LOL


Arthayasa Stables was the place that was chosen for this exciting event πŸ˜€

It’s located in the Cinere area, a bit far from our meeting point in Senayan City, but it was worth the trip πŸ˜€

This was the first photo that we took we took before getting into the bus at Senayan City, and bellow that is the first photo after we’ve arrived. We’re ready for the horseys!


So as we arrived on the stable,s the host and the Maybelline team welcome us warmly and let us settle down first. We put our bags down and we were escorted to the buffet table.

After a nice lunch with the girls, we were instructed to wipe off all of our makeup! I was a bit insecure but then they told us we can later put the Maybelline products provided on our tables to replace our makeup. The Maybelline team has provide us with many varieties of their makeup. Lipstick, eyeliner, eye shadow and above all, they want us to try their powder.
SAM_0207 SAM_0300

The Clear Smooth All in One Two Way Cake Powder (CSAIO) is the product that they have been waiting for the bloggers (including me, lol) to try. The very reason why they choose the Arthayasa Stables to be the venue was to proof the staying power of CSAIO and see whether the powder will wore off after the horse riding or willΒ live up to it’s expectations.

Janine 3

This was me doing my makeup, all with Maybelline products, including even my odd-colored eyebrows! The fancy eyeliner pencil is very versatile that I can use it to color my brows like I usually color them at home.

We then got divided into 2 groups for the horse riding. I was on the first group so off I went. You know what, all the other girls didn’t bring their phones because the people there told them that taking photos are a bit dangerous when you’re on a horse you think? But #YOLO. If you know me quite well, I am kinda rebellious by heart, LOL, I brought my phone slipped it into my pants ’cause I don’t even have a freakin pocket XD ~~

The horse riding was super awesome! Here was me on the horse, I took some videos and photos as shown bellow πŸ˜€
Janine 1a


Here is also a photo of all of the beauty bloggers. The first group that has finished their ride was on the ground holding the hprse, the second group whose about to go riding are on top of the horses πŸ˜€
Oh did you notice the black faced person there on the middle? YES, that rider is the NEW MAYBELLINE AMBASSADOR whose not revealed yet even until now! Only the 10 bloggers and the inner Maybelline team know who this person is for now, but ofcourse not doubt I’ll tease you with some photos to keep you guys guessing! xixixi

It was a SUPER FUN and exciting horse ride! Not to mention we were all tired and sweating! We went back to the place where we settle down the first time we arrived, went to a bit more explanation from the host about the product we were using.

We then decided to end the meetup with more selfies! So we took selfies of our own and thank goodness there’s also a photographer ready to snap us doing goofy poses XD

IMG_6496 IMG_6506

We had a super blast day. We then had to check if theΒ Clear Smooth All in One Two Way Cake Powder really did live up to it’s expectations and stay on our face. So I took some selfies to proof the super awesome staying power.

This photo bellow was me AFTER the horse ride. My face weren’t oily at all,Β the powder protects our face like a charm ❀

We had a blast, had so much fun with the soon-to-be-revealed New Maybelline Brand Ambassador ❀ It was a perfect day and it’s time to end the trip and went home, so we decided to take another last photo together ❀

11046897_10206499932803768_644219197_n EDITED

And although you still can’t se who the mystery ambassador is, it will definitely be revealed on the next big Maybelline event and we’ll all be posting the pictures and you guys will definitely know by then ^_^

That’s it for the post today, I had a blast writing this one, thanks so much for tuning in to my blog, love ya! XOXO :* ❀ ❀ ❀

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