Starry Light Eye-tape Review <3

Hello everyone!! Back again for some beauty product review.
There will be a couple of product reviews coming up for some time on my blog so please check’em all out 😀

In this review post, I have the chance to try and use an eye-tape for the very first time!
Since I was young, I was (thank goodness) blessed with a natural double eyelid so I have never had the need to buy eye-tapes. But since now is my first time, might as well review it and make a post out of this experience 😀

The eye-tape that I am going to review is called Starry Light.
Starry Light Blog
“Starry Light Magic Eye Tape is an invisible lace eye tape to help making bigger and deeper eyelid. This is a new type of double eyelid sticker, promising you a natural and deep eyelid. It is strong and not shiny as it is made from lace, not plastic like normal eye tape. The tape blends beautifully with your natural eyelid.” -Starry Light IG
I got offered to try it by the owner of the brand, and yes it would be my very first time using an eye-tape.

Starry Light Blog 2

So without further ado, here are the photos of me using the Starry Light Eye Tape.
Starry Light Blog 3 Starry Light Blog 4

And here is a photo of me using the eye-tape with full eye makeup.

I love how it looks!
Although I already have a clear enough natural eyelids to begin with, but adding eye tapes makes my eyes look more of that sleepy-flirtatious look. Super Love! Although I wouldn’t use it on a casual date, I would use it on a special night out or a party or when I’m cosplaying, yes! That seems to be a very good idea :D.

But for those of you who have natural single lids (which I actually super love), maybe you’d wanna use this everyday? I am not sure, but yeah I like it for a special night out, makes my eyes so deliciously sexy and seductive ❤

Here are some full face shot that I took while using the eye tape with full makeup.

If any of you are wondering how to use it, here’s a video from the official Starry Light Instagram;

A review wouldn’t be complete without it’s pros and cons;

  • Love how easy it is to use it, even for first timers like me
  • Love the result, you’ll definitely get what you pay for, it definitely works
  • It holds firmly even if I put tons of makeup on top of it


  • It is a very VERY delicate product, one wrong way of holding it and you could damage the whole entire sheet of eye tape. (it happened to mine, when I pulled it out from the plastic wrapping, somehow one sheet was sticking on the plastic causing it to peel allover the place)
  • Using this product can be done by bare hand alone, but using tweezers is recommended. My tweezers was missing at that time. It’d be great if  the package include a small cheap plastic tweezers for those who don’t have them at the moment, it could be a life saver 😀

Overall score: ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ –
(4 out of 5 stars)

And there you have it ladies, my review of the Starry Light Magic Eye Tape.
Be sure to check the official instagram here, and thanks again for stopping by! 😀 XOXO

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Opening my L’oreal Gift Box!!!

Hello everyone!
I just got my very first Gift Box, and it’s from L’oreal.
L’oreal put inside this gift box the best products in the recent time.

Here’s a first look of the L’oreal Gift Box!

So pretty with the bows and everything, I like how elegant it looks, all black and golden ❤
And inside this magical gift box, it looks like this:

It was a bit untidy when I opened it, I imagined the long journey it had to go through to be in my arms, here in my bed room oh sweet, sweet gift box (what?) #lol

In this post I’ll just be sharing you what all the contents are, but will not give detail reviews of each of the product, I’ll make 1 post for each and every product 🙂

Ah yes, I forgot, the sender forgot to send one more product, which is a moisturizing fluid for men.
Although it’s for men, I’ll still be reviewing through my boyfriend’s point of view 😀

Here is the product lineup:
1. L’oreal Revitalift Laser x3 New Skin Anti-Aging Power Water

2. L’oreal White Perfect Laser

3. L’oreal Fall Resist Shampoo & Conditioner

4. L’oreal Paris Collection Star (left to right: M406 Barely Plum, B302 Barely Greige, B406 Barely Moka)

5. L’oreal Men Expert Hydra Energetic Skin Awakening Icy Cleansing Gel

6. L’oreal Men Expert New Taurine Boost Hydra Energetic Moisturizing Fluid Kick-start Wake-up

Will be doing a one-post-for-each product, in a more detailed review.
Will post it real soon, do stay tune 😀

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