L’oreal Excellence Fashion Hair Color Launching

Hello everyone!
Again, long time no update, I am super bad with updating on time, and I don’t think that’s a good thing if you wanna have a blog, 😦
But moving on!

I got invited on the launching of L’oreal’s newest Hair Color product called Excellence Fashion.
It was on the 14th of November 2014.
PS; it was MY VERY FIRST BLOGGER EVENT, lol, I’m pretty new at blogging so yeah, yoroshiku! ^_^ 😀

This new product was inspired by the newest color in fashion,  and from that, 5 types of colors are produced in this Excellence Fashion line. With the newest technology in hair coloring; Hi-Lift, Hi-Visibility and Hi-Shine Complex that can make super real-looking colors, and on top of that, it’s the only product to have  the triple-care system!

These are the 5 new Excellence Fashion hair colors (from left to right) ; (1)Sapphire Black, (2)Golden Nude Brown, (3)Intense Copper Brown, (4)Intense Violet Brown & (5)Mystic Black.

 In celebrating the 5 new color to the hair color collection, L’oreal Paris introduced Hair Colorantology , a step by step tutorial on how to choose the right hair color that fits your personality and character. Hair Colorantology has 5 steps;
1. Know your color
2. Match your color
3. Transformation
4. The excellence you
5. Color care

1. Know Your Color

We all have an undertone color. To know your undertone is to know what color of makeup, or any coloring products to use. You wanna match the right color with your undertone. To know your undertone, the easiest way is to look at the veins in your wrist, check what color it is. Cool undertone has purple/bluish vein color. Warm undertone has greenish color, while neutral undertone has bluish and greenish vein color.

2. Match your color
skinut3Ones you know what your undertone is, this is the color shade you would want to use more. You can use this guide on choosing an eyeshadow shade, the color of clothes you wanna wear, and even ofcourse, hair color 😀

3. Transformation
This is obviously ofcourse is the coloring process, LOL. after you find out your undertone, make sure to find the suitable color that suits it. If you have a warm undertone Excellence Fashion (2)Golden Nude Brown, (3)Intense Copper Brown suits you well while (1)Sapphire Black, (4)Intense Violet Brown & (5)Mystic Black suits cooler undertone. But there are a few lucky people out there (ME included, LOL) that has Neutral undertone which can easily accepts any kind of color warm or cool so luckyy~~~ 😀
*Ofcourse you who have cool undertone can still try the warm tone and vice versa, there are no laws that says you can’t so if you think you want to try the color that doesn’t match your undertone then go for it #YOLO ~

4. The Excellence You
This stage is when you have finally choose your color and dyed your hair and feel the new you! L’oreal Paris kindly gave some beauty bloggers and other  lucky participants to get a hair transformation and here are some excellence results!

5. Color Care
In this step, you have successfully dyed your hair, it’s time to treat it right ladies! (and gents, lol)
You probably hear that coloring your hair is damaging and it would make your hair dry etc, but this Excellence line is special because Johny Malato, and expert on hair coloring who is invited to the grand launching event has proven that the contents within the L’oreal Excellence Fashion Hair Dye will actually not only make your hair color fabulous ofcourse, but also it’ll straighten, even smooth your hair! It’ll make it better than it was before, awesome right!
Now, L’oreal has not only release these awesome new colors, but also gives us the ways on how to take care of them. They have these specific product that they told us will do wondrous to your dyed hair because these products are made especially for dyed hair!
A set of shampoo, conditioner, hair mask and hair oil is available and made especially for dyed hair. I have used them myself and I have to say I love the hair oil and hair mask, they are super nourishing 😀

Who doesn’t love some goodie bags? I just love getting my hands on brand new and fresh-launched products, ahh yes haul heaven ❤

The L’oreal Excellence Fashion Hair Color Launching event was super awesome indeed. I meet so many new bloggers there and I befriended with them fast 😀
And did I mention I won 2 prizes in my first blog event ever??? LOL
I won a book and a comb for asking questions and being the most “unique-styled” person there, LOL, i super bet it’s because of my hair and brow color, hahaha 😀 XD
to the people who comment on this post and follow my facebook page https://www.facebook.com/janineintansari, one of them will win a book called Warna bagi Cintra & Penampilan by Irma Hardisurya. I surprisingly got 2, LOL, so yeah, more for you my loyal readers ❤ ❤ ❤

I also met someone that I’m already acquainted with, she is the one who invited me here and to some more events and her name is Heidel. She is super kind and I’m glad I am given the chance to be invited in many events by her especially this one 😀 This is the pic of me and her.

And here is a pic of me and everyone there ^_^

Overall it’s a super fun experience and I can’t wait to go to the next event!

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