Enchanteur; a Unique French-Inspired Fragrance Care for Romantic Modern Women

Dear Jellies…

お久しぶり! It’s been a while gengs!

Hope everyone is doing well, I miss writting on my blog and I’m so happy that I can share another exciting one for you, it’s


Enchanteur is a range of quality and timeless French-inspired fine fragrances & fragranced toiletries made especially for the young, romantic modern woman. There are a wide range of choice of Enchanteur products for you to try, and may I say, the first thinh I notice about Enchanteur products is that they have the most wonderfully crafted frangrance, each more entoxicating than the last.


Fun fact about Enchanteur is that this brand is internationally known throughout countries like Malaysia, Vietnam, Singapore, Hongkong & also the Middle East countries.

As you can see from the first pic, there are a lot of products;
1. Shower Gel
2. Body Lotion
3. Eu de Toilette
4. Eu de Cologne
5. Roll On Deodorant
6. Body Mist
7. Perfumed Talc

I’ll be reviewing all of them briefly but I’m gonna highlight 1 particular set, which is the Shower Gel because out of all of the items, they are my favorite 😀

So without further a do, let’s start with the first & my favorite one 😀

Shower Gel

Enchanteur Perfumed Shower Gel; Florar Moisture comes with 3 choices of fragrance, “Alluring”, “Romantic” & “Charming”. It has 2 types of package, in the bottle & the refill.

Enchanteur Perfumed Shower Gel has a specialty of highly moisturizing your skin & with Rose Essence & Natural Olive, it leaves your skin feeling as smooth as silk 🙂

It is funny because I actually don’t have 1 favorite fragrance, they are ALL my FAVORITE

I know what you’re gonna think, how come all is my favorite, right? I have a reason to say so, it’s because each of these fragrance has a special time for me to use. So before I use them at the shower, I sample the smell & decided to go for the “Romantic” as I was actually feeling like being romantic because at that time I was about to go on a dinner date with my boyfriend Daniel 😀 I feel like the fragrance just match my mood and timing that night & I’m not lying, Daniel actually asked if I was wearing a new perfume because he notice it’s not like the usual, in a good way, he likes this better than before I uses the shower gel. To his surprise I said that I was not using any perfume, just a very wonderfully fragranced shower gel 😀 That date went swell ❤

It was in the next 2 days that I tried the “Charming” one & I was feeling kinda playful and cute that day, I was planning to hangout at the mall and just went shopping & have a good time with boyfie once more.

When I ask Daniel how do I smell that day, he said I smell fresh & nice, represents my cheerful character, I was happy to hear that, but that’s not the highlight of “Charming”. It was when I realize even my mood shifts from just so-so to hype & happy and extra cheerful that day. I feel refreshed and energize and I honestly do feel that the fragrance from Enchanteur Perfumed Shower Gel in “Charming” is one of the reason that boost my mood that day 😀

The final one that I tried was “Alluring” and it was mesmerizing. That day I went to a meeting and actually forgot to use my deodorant because I was super late. I thought I was screwed and would just smell totally bad when I meet my client, but No. When I checked my odor, I realize the fragrance from “Alluring” lingers even hours after my shower and it boost my confidence to do my meeting and thank goodness it went super well 😉


Body Lotion

Enchanteur; Perfumed Body Lotion Moisture Silk has 3 variaty of aroma, Alluring (Rose dan Iris), Charming (Rose, Muguet, Soft Cedarwood), & Romantic (Bulgarian Roses dan White Jasmine). All 3 are enriched with aloe vera & olive butter that helps to moisturize the skin without making it feel oily of slippery 🙂


Eu de Toilette

Enchanteur; Eu de Toilette are collections of  fragrance in a very convenient and elegent presentation. It has 3 aromas:
– Romantic, a romantic scent with a touch of  femininity & fragrance from Bulgarian rose, White jasmine mandarin, Violet & Vanilla.
– Charming, a sensual fragrance with a touch of exotic with a wonderful Rose & Muguet fragrance with Citrus, Aldehyde & a touch of Musk & Cedarwood.
– Alluring, a fragrance that allures with you, surprise you, with a mix of Bergamot & Passion Fruit also with Rose & Iris.


Eu de Cologne

A variety of fragrance with an aroma of exclusivity  that last for a long while 🙂
– Glamour (floral oriental)
– Miracle (floral fruity)
– Treasure (floral aromatic)
– Sensational (Floral musky)
– Charming (Floral powdery)
– Romantic (Floral aromatic)


Roll On Deodorant 

The perfect product that is perfect for your everyday under-arm needs with a floral scent, a formula that that dries quickly & isn’t gonna leave a sticky feeling, giving you a confidence & freshness that you need throughout the day. It comes in 3 different aromas.
– Romantic
– Charming
– Alluring


Body Mist

This one has a special mixture of  aromas in mist form. It has 3 variaty of fragrance; Alluring, Charming, dan Romantic just like the other collection 🙂


Perfumed Talc

A talcum powder with a exclusive feel when applied. Has 3 aromas like the other Enchanteur products;
– Alluring, a scent of rose & iris that allures you, with a mix of Vanilla
– Charming, with a scent of rose, muguet & soft cedarwood that’s sensual & exotic
– Romantic, a soft scent of Bulgarian rose & white jasmine

All Enchanteur products that I have tried have been some of the best fragrance product lines that I have ever tried. The thing that I like it that the fragrance is not super strong until it makes you dizzy but at the same time it’s enough to stay all day and gives you that freshness & confidence.

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And as always;

An Exciting Day at NIVEA Double Effect Eye Make-Up Remover Event <3

Hello everyone!

It’s been such a long time since I uploaded a blog post, and this is gonna be an exciting one because I’m gonna tell you my experience when I attended Nivea Event & competition in Pondok Indah Mall, and spoiler alert, MY TEAM WON ❤ 😀
So I arrived at Watson at Pondok Indah Mall 2 and started seeing my friends and the Nivea team starting the event.
I was pretty excited about their newest Nivea Eye Makeup Remover because it is said to be able to clean your eye makeup in such an easy swoop, we’ll see how good it’s cleansing power would be soon 😀 😉
A representative from Nivea & Watson greeted us with excitement of the upcoming task that we are set to do.
It turned out, of all the attendees, 5 person was selected as a team leader and yes I am one of it, hehe.
Let me Introduce you to my Squad!
There’s Jihan, Jean Milka, Arum, Ririe and myself and we are called the “Super Dark Me” squad.
So the name of the teams are also the themes of the makeup that the contestants needed to do.
1. Simply Beautiful
2. Gorgeous Glam
3. Super Dark Me
4. Confetti Party
5. Dewy
Even though my team is named the Super Dark Me, each of my team mates needed to pick one makeup theme from the 5 category above.
How the group winner is determined is being seeing how many members from the group wins on their specific theme, so it’s 1 winner per theme.
We were given 15 minutes and 500k worth of Watson voucher to spend on beauty products to use for the 5 of us.
Eyeshadow color and lipstick are not difficult to find but base makeup is a little bit of a challenge because we needed to find shades that suit all of me and my team, with the limited voucher, but somehow we managed beautifully 😀
We then had to move to another place to start our makeup challenge. The Nivea team chose Amypond Cafe Pondok Indah Mall 3 for us and there we settled our gear and get ready to do the challenge.
Ofcourse we took a selfie before everything starts. There will always be a time for selfie in my team 😀 ❤
Here is my face before I clean my makeup with the Nivea Eye Makeup Remover.
And here is my face after. I didn’t wipe off my brows because most of the contestants also did the same thing.
But damn let me tell you this, the Nivea Eye Makeup Remover cleaned my eye makeup so easily and smoothly that I only needed about 40-60seconds to wipe everything off. It feels nice on my skin too, refreshing and light ❤
So here is the products that we had chosen earlier in Watson and these are the theme wach of my team mates chose for ourselves;
1. Janine Intansari : Confetti Party
2. Jihan : Super Dark Me
3. Ririe : Gorgeous Glam
4. Arum : Dewy
5. Jean Milka : Simply Beautiful
We were then called per makeup theme. Each member greet all of the other contestants by saying their names, makeup themes and from which group they are from.
After all 5 makeup themes were judged, it was then finally the tome to announce which team is the winner.
Altho we never know which of the members won the specific theme, but our group WON! So I guess more than 1 of us hits the theme correctly.
And omg do you know the prize?
IDR 5mio worth of Watson Voucher!!!
Omg shopping here I go!
Here is me and my team when we went to the front to receive our prizes and take #goalsquad photos ❤ 😀 😉
Overall the event was a blast, and I’m so glad my team won, I am a proud leader indeed, my teammates are even more skilled than me thank goodness for that hahaha.
Here is the finished look of my Confetti Party themed makeup.
So that’s it for the event.
Hope you guys find this post entertaining.
And I would personally like to recommend you to try Nivea’s newest Eye Makeup Remover.
In my honest opinion it is a very good makeup remover, quick and easy, doesn’t really give you that much of an oily feel after using. I even used it to clean my whole face and i only needed to use 2 cottons with the product.
My honest review score for Nivea Eye Makeup Remover is : 4,3 out of 5 ❤
Thank you so much Jellies for visiting my blog. Btw check out my youtube channel www.youtube.com/janineintansari and subscribe to my channel if you haven’t and as always; see you in my next post!

PIXY Two Way Cake Cover Smooth Review!

Hey everyone! ❤
Welcome back to my blog, it’s been a while oh yes it has. I got something good to share for all of you. I’m seriously digging this new product right now. It’s none other than;

PIXY Two Way Cake Cover Smooth!

Pixy 1

So let me give you a lil background on the brand itself. PIXY is a cosmetic brand by Mandom Beauty Tokyo that represents Tokyo Beauty, Asias’s newest beauty trend and aims to inspire young women of the world.


So just a few days back, I was lucky enough to get my hands on these new babies ❤ So let me tell you a bit of this product. This UV whitening two way cake powder gives you that camera-ready smooth and focused effect on your face. Its a long lasting product, up to 10 hours!

Pixy 2 Pixy 5

The price is IDR 43.000 which i think is very affordable for such a good quality two way cake powder ❤
It’s available in 5 different shades; (1) White Ochre, (2) Pink Cream, (3) Natural Cream, (4) Natural Peach and (5) Light Caramel.
I now have all 5 shades and I am most fitting to shade number 3 which is Natural Cream 😀

Pixy 3 Pixy 4

Seeing the product up close, I just need to say how I love the simple yet sleek packaging. It’s small and easy to cary on your purse anywhere, mirror is super helpful for when you need that touch-up on any of your outing activity, and can you just take a good look and appreciate the blue flower design complimenting the clean white package, ah it’s just a beautiful & convenient all in one packaging.

And this new design has a Smart-Lock system, which allows you to put the powder refill on without any adhesive needed 😀 Super convenient right 😀

Here are my overall review:

Plus Symbol

Beauty Lock Formula
Gives you that flawless smooth look that last up to 10 hours!
SPF 30 & PA +++
Gives you the optimum protection against UVA & UVB rays
2 Way Whitening
Gives you a brightening effect
Contains Squalane Oil
Keep a good level of needed moisture on your skin
Clinically tested
A good product is a save product


Pixy Review Result

So here is the result of the product applied on my face. The left photo is me with just minimum foundation and no powder. The left is after I applied the PIXY Two Way Cake Cover Smooth in shade Natural Cream 🙂 ❤

Can you seriously see the difference?! I mean OMG it does wondrous! ❤

And do note that the photo is taken 10 HOURS after the application!!! I had  long day at that time but the powder keeps my face oil free and still looking all smooth to the touch 😀
I took this photo in front of  a bright desk-lamp to show the before after with the same lighting 😀 And I didn’t wear a lot of makeup on that day to solely focus on testing the staying power of PIXY Two Way Cake Cover Smooth 😀 ❤

Let me say that not only does it looks good, it feels good as well! I stroke my face gently after I apply the powder and I seriously feel my skin baby smooth to the touch 😀 ❤

ps; This is a non altered photo that I took in bright indoor lighting using my Fujifilm X-A2 camera.


Good news babes! PIXY is currently holding this awesome competition that you guys should definitely try out 😀
It’s My Beauty Essentials with PIXY Two Way Cake Cover Smooth Blog Competition 😀 ❤

Can you see the prizes on that poster, I mean Camera & SmartPhone ❤ Dayum, sign me up 😀
It’s super easy to compete, you just need to:

  1. Do a review of PIXY Two Way Cake Cover Smooth on your blog
  2. Use the theme “My Beauty Essentials with PIXY TWC Cover Smooth”
  3. Tell us your experience using the product and write down how you feel getting that clear and smooth skin for up to 10 hours using PIXY TWC Cover Smooth
  4. Don’t forget to put a before after photo of your face using PIXY TWC Cover Smooth and also a photo of your face 10 hours later 🙂
  5. Last but not least, competitors have to use the Cover Smooth Blog Competition Badge on their blog review whic is this picture bellow 😀

Pixy Poster 2

You can also check out more about PIXY and the competition by clicking the links here:
– Instagram @pixycosmetics
– Twitter @pixyindonesia
– Facebook PIXY Indonesia
– Youtube PIXY Indonesia
– Official website http://pixy.co.id/

So that’s basically it folks! I hope you would like to try the product out after seeing my review. I give it a 4,5 out of 5 😀 ❤ Love it! Super recommended 😀 ❤
Thanks so much for stopping by loves and as always, see you on my next post!

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My New Best Friend; Ionessence <3

Hey loves!
Welcome back to my blog and this time, I’m going to introduce you to my new best friend, IONESSENCE
Would you like to know how IONESSENCE can help maintain natural beauty from within?
Well then, let’s get right into it 😀 ❤

IONESSENCE is the newest edition to the Pocari Sweat’s family, IONESSENCE is your best choice for re-hydrating back your skin to it’s best state.


Have you ever had to work very late at night until you feel so tired and fatigued? I have. It’s mostly a daily thing for me. As making blog posts and editing videos are a time consuming activities, I feel super dehydrated after doing so for a long amount of time, not to mention repeatedly. So a hydrating drink is very important for me because all these late night works left me super tired and dry.

I’ve once actually stroke the skin on my hands and it felt so dry and flaky, like there’s just very little amount of moisture left. Not only my hands and arms, but my face also feels the same 😦 , that dry feeling is just so disturbing.

The next morning, I woke up feeling un-refreshed and so sluggish, I actually fell back to sleep and that made me had a very bad headache because I overslept. This goes on and on, it’s a death cycle really. My body clock is destroyed and it’s so hard to get back right on track

At this time I then tried drinking IONESSENCE. It’s my first time drinking it, and I choose the night time before going to bed to drink 1 whole bottle. I decided to start drinking IONESSENCE each night before going to sleep for 5 straight days to see the result.

After the fifth night of drinking IONESSENCE, I started to feel a noticeable difference on my skin. It feels less dry than before because I usually do have dry skin almost everyday. I actually can sense that my skin is more moisturized than before which is surprising. Then I learned that the body actually restores it’s hydration and moisture best when we are sleeping, and drinking IONESSENCE boast the restoration immensely. That’s why it works so much better when it is consumed before bed time.

My experience with IONESSENCE has led me to continue drinking IONESSENCE until now 😀 ❤


First things first, IONESSENCE is a low calory hopotonic drink (10 kcal/100ml) with the purpose to prevent skin dehydration and maintains a healthy hydrated skin from within.

It is best to consume before bed time.

When running your daily activities, your skin is prone to dehydration because of lack of fluids on your body. Skin dehydration can cause the lose of the natural skin moisture (NMF) that can cause dullness of the Natural Moisturizing Factor.

It is very important to fulfill the need of fluids for our body to prevent dehydration. But to only drink water isn’t enough. It is suggested to also fulfill the needs of electrolyte, and IONESSENCE is perfect for the job 😀


With IONESSENCE that contains good amounts of electrolyte, preventing skin dehydration would be super easy. Just drink it before going to bed to help the body produce it’s  NMF (Natural Mosturizing Factor) so the skin will always maintain it’s hydration, moisture and elasticity. It Hydrates from within which is the best way to do so 😀

The good thing of consuming IONESSENCE is that it contains electrolyte that is similar to the electrolyte from NMF (Natural Mosturizing Factor).

For further information, do visit IONESSENCE on instagram –> @ionessence 😀

So that’s it for my story with my new best friend IONESSENCE, I trully suggest you all to try it out. Achieving that beautiful skin does not only consist of moisturizing it from the outside, what’s more important is actually hydrating our bodies from the inside. A more direct and a long lasting effect to the body’s hydration. So glad to have been able to introduce IONESSENCE to you, my beloved readers. Besides, sharing beauty & health tips to you is one of my most favorite thing to do in life 😀

That’s it for today’s post, and I hope to see you again in the next one, stay awesome loves, XOXO ❤

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My Summer Holiday Essentials with Centro!

Hi loves!
Welcome back to another #janineintansariXcentro blog post!
And this time, Ima be sharing to you my My Summer Holiday Essentials❤

As you might’ve known, Centro Department Store and I have been collaborating for a while and for this specific post they’ve given me 2 sets of makeup products. One set is for Summer Skin Care necessities and one set is for Party makeup.

So I’ve reviewed the Party Makeup product essentials already, and you can check that post here. You can also continue on in reading this one to know more about what products you need for your Summer R&R companion ❤

As always, you can get all these products in any Centro Dept Store near you😀
Now let’s get started 😀

Summer Holiday

So here I am in Centro’s 2016 Beauty pamphlet which I’m guessing is already out there for every Centro visitors to see. And as you can see here, some products are shown for the specific usage of achieving a healthy glowing skin and also still lookin hot and purrtty at the same time 😉
So here are the list of the Summer Holiday Skin Care Essentials! Enjoy😀 !

1. Dewi Sri Spa Peach Body Lotion
2. Clarins Serum & Day Cream
3. Kanebo Lunasol Shape Designing Liquid Eyeliner
4. L’Oreal Perfect Magic White Eye Cream
5. Dewi Sri Spa Sun Protection Lotion
6. Dewi Sri Spa Surya Majapahit After Sun Soothing Body Gel

Dewi Sri Spa Peach Body Lotion


This is actually the first time I’ve ever tried Dewi Sri Spa products and may I say, they have a thing for wonderful fruity fragrance. I LOVE the nice fruity scent ❤ The one that I’ve seen are Melon & Peach. May I say this is the perfect moisturizing lotion to have in the Summer time because it’s just seriously moisturizing without leaving that sticky feeling on your skin. Perfect for us living in the tropical island 😀 ❤

Clarins Serum & Day Cream


This is also the first time I’ve tried Clarins Products and I have to say, it works for my skin perfectly. Lately I’ve been having more breakouts than usual because of wearing so many new makeup products in such a short amount of time but using this in the morning and before bed does me justice. The bigger bottle is the White Plus Total Luminescence for morning use and the smaller one which is White Plus Translucency is for morning and night use. Both are recommended to be applied not only to the face area but also to the neck and decollete area as well.

Kanebo Lunasol Shape Designing Liquid Eyeliner


My current Fave eyeliner! Seriously like I’m not even joking how easy it is to apply my wing liners with this Kanebo Lunasol Shape Designing Liquid Eyeliner. What makes it so different from previous eyeliners that I have used is because this is just super damn pigmented and black it’s just love at first sight for makeup lovers, and secondly, it has a very unique tip that I can’t really describe well, but it makes it 10 times easier in drawing the pointy lines from your everyday eyeliner 😀 Recommended indeed ❤

L’Oreal Perfect Magic White Eye Cream


I’ve been trying to find a good eye cream lately and thankfully this eye cream comes at the most perfect time. Why? Because lately I have been so busy with work that I have to sleep late in the morning like around 4-5am almost EVERY single day and it’s killing my skin and eyes, I would not recommend this lifestyle to anyone 😦 But alas, work is work and it left a very bad case of puffy panda eyes on me. It all went a whole lot better when I started using this eye cream. It does reduce eye bags, tried it myself, and the result actually shows withing a couple of days of wearing. For you hard working night owls out there, this L’Oreal Perfect Magic White Eye Cream is a must have!

Dewi Sri Spa Sun Protection Lotion


A Sun Protection lotion with SPF 40 and is non-sticky? I’m down for it. Living in a city like Jakarta, Sticky is never your best friend. Like the humid and polluted air is just death for your skin. I am saved by this lotion, not only by it’s qualities to protect your skin from the sun, but also the fragrance! Man oh man Dewi Sri Spa is just winning on their fragrance game.

Dewi Sri Spa Surya Majapahit After Sun Soothing Body Gel


Ahh finally, for you lovely people out there who likes that sun-kissed skin but just doesn’t wanna go through the painful burned feeling, Dewi Sri Spa Surya Majapahit After Sun Soothing Body Gel would sooth you just fine. My sister once lived in Bali and I recommended her to use this every time she finished sun bathing. For you who is a serious beach lover like I am, this might actually be my most recommended product for you out of the bunch, because what is a Summer without experiencing some sunny beach days? Always have this in your bag and you’re good to go for any Summer getaway ❤

Thanks so much for following my journey with Centro till now. I’m just so happy to have been given the chance of sharing to you so many good products. Do visit Centro’s Instagram and follow it’s account for very good deals in beauty products and so much more ❤ 😀

Read the Party Makeup look post if you haven’t already. There are some very good mkeup products that are waiting for you to try there too 😀 ! Thanks so much for visiting my blog and as always, see you on my next post!

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Let’s Get the Party Started with Centro!

Hi loves!
Ready to party with me ❤ ?
As you might’ve known, Centro Department Store and I have been collaborating for a while and for this specific post they’ve given me 2 sets of makeup products. One set is for Party makeup and one set is for when you need that Summer Skin Care necessities. So I’ll try out and review these products for you so when you need to get down and Party, (or when you need to have an R&R for the Summer which post will come soon after this one) you’ll know what products to get and where to get them, in Centro Dept Store of course 😀

Let's getthe party

So here I am in Centro’s 2016 Beauty pamphlet which I’m guessing is already out there for every Centro visitors to see. And as you can see here, some products are shown for the specific usage of achieving an awesome party look 😀
So without further ado, Ima review these items for you, enjoy 😀 !

So, here are the list of items shown for the party look;
1. Revlon Photo Ready Primer + Shadow in Watercolors / Aquarelle
2. Anna Sui Matte Powdery Foundation
3. Maybelline Magnum Barbie Mascara
4. NYX the Curve Liner in Jet Black
5. PAC Liquid Foundation
6. Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lip Color
7. NYX High Definition Blush in HBD07 Tuscan

Revlon Photo Ready Primer + Shadow in Watercolors / Aquarelle


This beautiful eye shadow set from Revlon is super convenient for the fact that it also has eye shadow primer inside. On the back of the package there is an easy-to-follow guide on how to use this palette fully from which color should be applied first to the placement of colors on your eyelids.

Anna Sui Matte Powdery Foundation


O-My-God I have never felt anything SO SOFT in my LIFE ❤
Like seriously, this Powder/foundation formula by Anna Sui is UH-MA-ZING I don’t even understand how they achieve this like whattttt. It’s like so fine that it makes your pores look like it’s gone 😀
Achieving that blur effect without any app whatsoever, this is a Must Have indeed 😀 ❤

Maybelline Magnum Barbie Mascara


Okay, I usually don’t believe what the package would say of a product. For example, “Doll-like result” etc, but this one, you actually DO feel like a barbie with super lengthy lashes XD I mean the curling power is pretty sick on this one. I love how it makes my very thin lashes looks so volumous, not just making it more lenghty. This product gives you what it promised, a barbie-doll-lash look 😀 Gosh I feel like Twiggy after applying this on my mascara ❤

NYX the Curve Liner in Jet Black


This ingenious design does wonders on helping you achieve that perfect wing ❤ Like it fits so well on your thumb so it really does help make that important flick because you get super precise control. Not to mention the color is super black and matte, loving it 😀 ❤

PAC Liquid Foundation

Sorry for the missing image but let me just say that I love the texture of this foundation. It’s very easy to blend, I usually blend with a beauty blender, and the coverage is also good. I tested it’s staying power, using it on my face from 2pm till 9pm and it still stay put without melting off of your face XD It’s a very good foundation if you wanna go partying because of it’s great staying power 😀 ❤

Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lip Color


I did a very detailed review on my blog that you can visit here —> http://wp.me/p4kydW-9M
The overal quality is:
– Soft & smooth formula
– Matte finish but still hydrating
-Beautiful range of colors❤
-Long lasting

NYX High Definition Blush in HBD07 Tuscan


SUPER Pigmented, like WOW. But what I also like is that the color can also be build up so you can set the intensity of the pigmentation however you like. The more you apply and with the correct pressure, you can get the pigmentation that you want. It’s very easy to blend. Tip: I also use it as eyeshadow sometime, the color is just to cute not to, LOL 😀

Wait for the Summer Holiday with Centro Post! You’ll get lotsa good product recommendation perfect for an R&R in the cozy summer 😀 Thanks so much for visiting my blog and as always, see you on my next post!

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Cathy Doll’s Geisha; Hanazakari Lip Matte <3

Hello Loves!
Welcome back to my blog, in this post I’ma be reviewing some lip product, and it’s from Cathy Doll!


The lip product that I’m gonna review is their matte lip cream called “Geisha; Hanazakari Lip Matte” 😀 ❤
So first things first. Let me give you a lil bit of a background history about the brand itself;

“Established by Karmarts, Cathy Doll is a leading brand in Asia that offers Korean-inspired beauty products – ranging from cosmetics, beauty accessories and skincare, to dietary supplements and personal care. With its feminine colours and charismatic packaging, Cathy Doll characterizes dreamy girls on the lookout for the sweetest avant-garde look.  Focused on categorized product concepts, the brand paints a pretty picture of delight through its illustrations of joyful and cheerful cartoon dolls. ” -http://www.cathydoll.com.sg/

So now that you know a bit about the brand, let’s dive in to their Geisha; Hanazakari Lip Matte 😀

Geisha 1

The Geisha Hanazakari Lip Matte is a combination of a liquid lipstick yet at the same time is still hydrating. It has a satin matte finish. The staying power on this one is like super serious! Like it’s kinda hard to find a matte lip cream that:
– has a high staying power
– matte yet hydrating
So that’s why I’m pretty excited to share this one with you guys.

Important note, for Indonesian buyers,  if you are trying to find Cathy Doll products online, make sure you can find the “KarMart” Sticker on the product, that proofs that the product is actually imported and is original, you don’t wanna go using fake products right? The sticker looks like the pic bellow.

Geisha 7

When you purchase Cathy Doll products at their official store like me, then you’ll have no problem because all products on the store definitely has the KarMart sticker. The full list of Cathy Doll stores in Indonesia can be found on the bottom of this post.

Geisha Hanazakari Lip Matte has 5 shades;#1 Sakura, #2 Pink Moss, #3 Wine Orchid, #4 Red Rose and #5 Coral Red.

So without further ado, here’s Geisha Hanazakari Lip Matte in action!

#1 Sakura

Geisha 4

#2 Pink Moss

Geisha 5 Processed with VSCO with c2 preset

#3 Wine Orchid

Geisha 2 Processed with VSCO with c2 preset

#4 Red Rose

Geisha 3 Processed with VSCO with c2 preset

#5 Coral Red

Geisha 6 Processed with VSCO with c2 preset

Okay so here are all the shades in all it’s glory. Let me just quickly rate bellow.

Plus Symbol

Even when it’s matte, it’s hydrating 😀
Doesn’t crack
Matt Satin finish which I personally prefer
Pigmented Colors

Minus Symbol

Not a very impressive color range, wish they make at least a total of 10 shades
I wish there’s a nice nude color
Shade #4 Red Rose & #5 Coral Red looks similar
The time for it to turn to matte is VERY slow, but once it turns matte, it’s awesome

Overal Score: ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ –

I mean shade #4 and #5 is not the same, #4 has a maroon undertone and #5 is more to orange red. But if you’re planning to release 2 similar shade, at least release another 5 shades man, so the total would be 10, similar colors are then understandable. But if you have only 5 shades and 2 of them are similar, it’s a bit disappointing. And nude color is NEVER wrong so I’m a bit disappointing that they don’t really have it in their collection. But other than that, I actually really LOVE the formula. I prefer satin matte instead of matte matte, because like serious matte usually cracks and makes your lips look like a butt hole, XD

I wore #3 Wine Orchid from 4pm till 9pm, and I ate like a lot of oily food BUT it still stays! Like WOW.

Here’s the official poster of the Geisha Hanazakari Lip Matte ❤ 😀

22-23 Geisha Hanazakari Lip Matte copy 22-23 Geisha Hanazakari Lip Matte copy

Here are the list of Cathy Doll official stores in Indonesia

    •     Mall Gandaria City, Ground Floor Main Street, Unit PC-1, Dekat Wakai
    •     Mall Kota Kasablanka, LG IU-36
    •     LOTTEMART (Jalan Kelapa Gading)
    •     FOOD HALL
    •     LOKA STORE
    •     MARKET CITY, Pantai Indah Kapuk
    • Royal Plaza Surabaya, GF Unit 8C (tahap renovasi)
    • Mall Boemi Kedaton Lampung, LG Unit GF 3

So that’s it for the review of Geisha Hanazakari Lip Matte. I hope it’s informative and useful for you my dear readers, and overall I RECOMMEND you guys to try it out.

Visit their official Indonesian website here; http://www.cathydoll.co.id/

As always, thanks so much for visiting my blog and see you in my next post!

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CoolSculpting; Say Bye – Bye to Double Chin!

Hi Peeps! Miss you all ❤
I’m back with another post and this time, I’m gonna share with you something very exciting! There’s a new treatment in town, and it’s CoolSculpting!

On May 28th, I went to Ritz Carlton Pacific Place for the launching event of CoolSculpting in Indonesia. So this was my #ootd . The funny thing is, they have a dress-code which is White and Tiffany Blue, BUT I’ve just worn my white-blue dress a couple of days back so I don’t wanna wear it again in such short gap of time. So I was like wait a sec, my hair IS blue, all I need to do is wear a white dress and keep my blue hair blue XD So That’s what I did and I showed up like the pic above.

CoolSculpt 1

I was glad to see a lot of my beauty-blogger friends there. There’s (left to right) Maria Karina, Agnes Oryza, your’s truly ❤ ,  Elin Ivana, Lyla Andalucia, Rini Cesillia & Chianty Gunawan.
Not everyday you can meet your #squad in a beautiful hotel having lunch together and talking about a new and super exciting fat reduction treatment, right?!

CoolSculpt 2 CoolSculpt 3

So after lunch, the workshop was open by Roger Schmid, Managing Director APAC ZELTIC and then we get down to the nitty gritty details about the production knowledge of CoolSculpting with Dr. Michael K Molton.
So What is CoolSculpting?
CoolSculpting is a fat-freezing procedure (the only FDA-cleared)* non-surgical fat-reduction treatment that uses controlled cooling to eliminate stubborn fat that resists all efforts through diet and exercise. The results are proven, noticeable, and lasting.

How does it work?
The CoolSculpting procedure safely delivers precisely controlled cooling to gently and effectively target the fat cells underneath the skin. Treated fat cells are crystalized (frozen), then die. Over time, your body naturally processes the fat and eliminates these dead cells, leaving a more sculpted you. Fat cells that are frozen during the CoolSculpting procedure gradually die off and leave the body through the body’s natural elimination process. That’s why the results are long-term. The fat is gone for good!
CoolSculpting treatments are performed only in a medical office under the supervision of a licensed professional to guarantee the highest standards of care. CoolSculpting systems are the only controlled cooling devices that are designed with built-in safety measures. If sensors detect that the skin is getting too cold, the system will shut down automatically. 


I first notice CoolSculpting when I was watching Keeping Up with The Kardashians on E. So when I was invited to the workshop I was thrilled and excited of seeing what kind of treatment the Kardashians’ goes through to look so fab.

On this workshop however, we concentrate more on a treatment using the CoolMini. Another version of CoolSculpting that focuses on areas such as the Double Chin. I have problems with my double chin. I am a sugar addict so no wonder XD Even my boyfriend told me that my double chin is like my snack bag, LOL. so I was so excited to get to know more about this CoolMini.

CoolSculpt 4

We were then joined by Mrs. Nola B3 as the guest star who have just gone through the procedure a couple of weeks back and Mrs. Janis Law as the Director Sales for Asia Pacific. On the slide show, the audience got the chance to see Mrs. Nola before the treatment, so when I saw her that day I was surprise of how immediately the change on her double chin! It’s almost completely gone!

Fortunately, me and the other invited guest have the privilege to see a demo of the treatment on stage so it’s very exciting to see.

CoolSculpt 5 CoolSculpt 6 CoolSculpt 7 CoolSculpt 8

Here you can see the CoolMini machine in action. As the doctors prepare the patient to undergo the procedure, sanitation, precise detail measurements and the patient’s comfort is top priority. The patient can simply sit and relax while the doctors prepare for the procedure.

If you are living in Indonesia, specifically in Jakarta area and you are interested in trying the procedure, here are the clinics that you can visit;

  • Senopati Skin Center Jakarta
  • Ultimo Clinic Jakarta
  • Jakarta Aesthetic Clinic
  • Maharis Clinic Jakarta
  • CBC Beauty Care Jakarta
  • The Aesthetic Jakarta
  • Profira Clinic Surabaya
  • Benning Aesthetic Solo

CoolSculpt 9

The workshop was a hit and I am just so intrigue by this new treatment. The hottest treatment in town is literally the Coolest! Haha.
So hopefully by reading my blog post, you can know a bit more of CoolScupting & CoolMini so that you can choose the treatment you think suits you. Again, consulting your trusted doctor is a very important step to any treatment. So research – research – research. Visit the website http://www.coolsculpting.com/ to know more 😀

As always, see you in my next post!

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Sariayu Kawaii Makeup Look Pictorial with Janine Intansari <3

Hi everyone!

Welcome  back to my blog ❤
Thanks so much for all the constant love and support throughout my blogging career. I never thought I’d be able to make so many friends and meet so many people online that has a similar passion like me, Makeup! I’m so blessed to get all the positive feedback on my previous makeup tutorials whether it’s on my youtube channel or here on my blog, and even on my instagram

So with so many request flowing to me asking for another makeup tutorial, I finally present you a Kawaii Makeup Look! A collaboration with me and Sariayu Color Trend

Pic 1 Banner

So this is the before and after look, so if you are interested in re-creating this look, please keep scrolling down for the guided step by step pictorial, hope you enjoy, I put my heart into this one 😀 ❤

  1. After I apply my daily moisturizing cream and sunblock on my face, I applied face primer.
  2. Pic 2 After my face is all primed up, I apply Borneo Mousse Foundation in B-01 Light tone and apply it with a brush.
  3. Pic 3 The next step is to apply contour to some parts of the face. I apply contour on the side of my nose, sides of my cheeks and a little bit on my jawline. I also apply brown brow pencil onto my brows. Contouring definitely makes a LOT of difference, doesn’t it? 😀
  4. Pic 4 Next, taking the Sariayu Color Trend 2016 Eye Shadow Kit, and taking the eyeshadow (color shown on picture), I apply it on to my crease and blend it with a blending brush. Try to smoke it out s
  5. Pic 5And then taking the next color, I apply it only on the outer corner of my lid and blending it slowly. The key here is to blend the darker brown with the lighter brown together but still keeping the intensity of the dark brown.
  6. Pic 6Taking this beautiful light beige eyeshadow color from the palette, I apply it to the center of my eyelid and blend it with the rest of the lids.
  7. Pic 7 I then come back to the previous dark brown eyeshadow and apply it using the provided brush from the palette on to the lower corner of my eyes. This is to give an effect of a fuller lower lashes.
  8. Pic 8 Taking this Sariayu Krakatau 02 Eyeshadow palette, I take the light silvery-blue color and apply it on to the lower lash line to brighten up the look.
  9. Pic 10 Pic 10 Using my favorite palette from Sariayu which is Sariayu 25 Best Color Choice for Asian Women palette, I take this shimmery beige color and apply it to the center of the lid and for an extra touch of brightness I also put it on the tear ducts.
    In the next photo shows what the eyeshadow looks like after applying it to both eyes.
  10. Pic 11 I then take this Sariayu Duo Eye Makeup Mascara & Eye Liner and give my eyes a lil bit of a flirty wing ❤ I skipped the mascara because at the moment I have lash extension so yeah 😀
  11. Pic 12Taking the Sariayu Blush in Apokayan, I apply it to the apples of my cheeks, it helps a lot when you smile so you know where to concentrate the application of the blush. I then blend it with the cheek contour so it looks soft and natural.
  12. Pic 13Going back to the shimery-beige color from Sariayu 25 Best Color Choice for Asian Women palette, and with a fluffy brush, I apply it to the highest point of my cheek bones and also bring it to the center of the cheek, blending it slowly with the blush. NOTE!; applying the same eyeshadow color to the cupids bow will make your mouth look more pouty, giving a cute look.
  13. Pic 14Finally we come to my favorite part in makeup, LIPS! I super love playing with lipstick. In this tutorial, I’m going to make a tinted ombre lip, my favorite lip look. First, I apply a light (close to skin) color lipstick as the base, and taking Sariayu Duo Lip Color in K-07, I apply the matte one to the center of my lips, and using the glossy one I blend it, bridging the base color with the matte tint in the middle. Lastly apply loose powder to set the makeup and voila! The look is complete!

So how do you like the finish look? I hope this pictorial helps you into achieving a super Kawaii look using Sariayu makeup product of course 😀 ❤

I’ve been a lot more active lately on my blog and I’m super happy about it, I usually procrastinate so badly it’s annoying, but at the same time I lack motivation to move hahaha. So I’m glad you my lovely internet friends keep on pushing me to be better and more productive of course 🙂

And last but not least, I’ll be doing a video tutorial on this look to on my Youtube channel, so hopefully you will check that, it’ll be up on the 22nd of June so stay tuned and subscribe to my channel if you haven’t 😀

And as always I’ll see you all, On my next Post! ❤

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Centro Beauty Bash Event 2016!

HELLOOOO my lovely readers!
Welcome back to my blog, ahh gosh how I love being productive on my blog. You know that feeling of wanting to do what you wanna do but you have so much other things to do until you can’t really do anything and just slump in a couch somewhere on the corner of your room? LOL, finally I can get the time to write, write and write tho ❤
Loving this ❤

In this post I will be talking to you about Centro! Yes, expect some blog post ahead to be about Centro again and again because I seriously do have lot’s of exciting stuff for you to know ❤


As you might have known already from my previous post regarding Centro Department Store, this year I am the selected blogger to be represented on Centro’s 2016 beauty pamphlet! Hahaha, *I pat myself on the back* and drank an imaginary beer (cause I don’t really drink lol). Aside from me going to be on their official pamphlet, I will also get the task on letting you know the newest updates about Centro’s events this year and one of the most exciting one is:

Centro Beauty Bash Event 2016!


So here I say Hello all CentroHolics! Centro department store is back with a bang as this years event will not only be so exciting, but it happens at 3 major different places around Indonesia!

Centro Beauty Bash is an annual event that is held in 3 major cities, 2 times in 1 year in Centro Discover Shopping Mall Bali, Centro Plaza Ambarrukmo and once a year in Mall Paragon Solo. There’ll be a lot of product discounts and fun activities in the centro Beauty Bash event. This event is very anticipated by the citizens in Bali, Jogja and Solo. For you modernly active ladies and gents out there who always wants to look good inside and out, Centro Beauty Bash will be held in Centro Plaza Ambarrukmo Jogja, Mall Paragon on May 28th 2016 from 4pm – 8pm Indonesia Western Standard Time and Centro Discovery Shopping Mall Bali on May 29th 2016, at 4pm – 8pm Indonesia Central Standard Time.


In this year’s Centro Beauty Bash, Centro will be giving a special treatment for all of you ladies out there. These special treatments would be; Interesting Beauty Tips with special guests from well known beauty-related brands, FREE Nail Art, FREE Photo-booth, Makeover, Beauty Hampers, Top Spender Award, and also fun games like shopping Rally and makeup as prize challenge that’s worth millions of rupiah! Don’t worry about getting tired there ’cause Centro will also be giving you all refreshments. Centro is also giving alot of prizes and exclusive offers for CentroHolics and owner of Parkson Centro Cards.

Picture5 Picture1


Aside from that, Centro is also having lots of discounts on cosmetic products and perfume, with the discount up to 70% and Buy 1 Get 1 Free. Some top brands that will participate on this event will be as follows; Elizabeth Arden, Kanebo, NYX, Lancome, L’oreal, Aigner, Ultima, Revlon,  PAC, Kenzo, Hugo Boss, C&F Perfumary, Maybelline and lots more! ❤


Get the chance to be invited to the Centro Beauty Bash event for free with a minimum purchase of IDR 300.000 and follow the updated info on Twitter @centroholic and CentroHolic Facebook Fanpage and Instagram @centrodeptstore, terms and conditions applied. 😀

Picture4 Picture3









So what are you waiting for! Come and enjoy this wondeful event on the weekend and there’s no reason to miss the chance on shopping at Centro Department Store! Be a smart shopper and shop more with Centro Department Store! 😀 ❤

See you in my next post! ❤

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